Michele Bachmann’s Hair

You won't find too many fans of Michele Bachmann's politics in New York and Los Angeles. But as the New York Daily News reports, liberal women on both coasts are coveting the politico's bouncy, highlighted hairstyle.

“A lot of clients have asked for Sarah Palin hair in the past four years, and now, it’s Bachmann,” a Los Angeles hair stylist told the Daily News.

“I have found it a little bit amazing how many women have been coming in asking for her hair style, even though they don’t agree with her politics,” concurred a Manhattan hair dresser.

The ‘do is “safe, but not soccer mom. It’s sexy.”

Well, we don’t know if we’d go that far. But Bachmann does have decent hair, with subtle highlights and pretty good texture — not too limp, not too Sarah Palin bouffant-y.

The look doesn’t come cheap, however. The bills for Tamara Robertson, Bachmann’s hair and makeup stylist, have already reached $4,700, which Bachmann has paid for (just as past candidates have) with campaign funds.

Robertson was specifically requested after Bachmann admired her work at (where else?) Fox News, the New Yorker writes. Along with Bachmann’s press secretary, Alice Stewart, and personal assistant, Tera Dahl, she’s the one who keeps the candidate looking glamorous.

It’s an important mission. After all, her appearance may be just about the only thing American liberals like about her.