La Opinión’s 85th anniversary

On this anniversary of the cry that began Mexico’s independence, “La Opinión” celebrates 85 years since its foundation in Los Angeles, California by don Ignacio Lozano from Marín, Nuevo León. Lozano had already founded another newspaper, “La Prensa,” in San Antonio, Texas. Both papers’ mission from the beginning was the “wholehearted protection of our fellow countrymen.”

This objective is still alive today. The mission of “La Opinión,” which is part of a print and digital media network covering the entire country (Impremedia), continues to be advancing and protecting the Latino community in the United States and the U.S. community as a whole. Both communities are intimately linked now that Latinos have already surpassed 50 million and are a vital part of America’s economy, workforce and society.

While this community has advanced in terms of numbers, education and the level of integration into this country, there is a need for media such as “La Opinión” to inform, educate and help the integration and progress of the country’s largest minority. At this point in the 21st century, this minority is still not adequately represented and reflected in the English mass media.

Now is the time to celebrate the achievements of eight and a half decades, on the way to our centennial. Don Ignacio Lozano’s legacy is still alive in the next generations of Lozanos who took over the dream and existing needs.

This is a time of upheaval for the country and the Latino community, both immigrants and U.S.-born. More goals are yet to be achieved and more progress is needed. The political moment is complicated, and voices that continue representing the community are needed.

We also want to thank our readers, the faithful ones who have been with us for years and the ones who join us every day, looking at our newspaper as a practical tool to survive in this country and a source of information to nourish our lives in this society.