The Jobs revolution

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was a visionary genius who revolutionized the world with his inventions. With Apple’s products, he made what for a long time seemed limited to the realm of fantasy become a reality. He put a wealth of information at our fingertips, forever changing the daily lives of billions of people.

Jobs was a technology pioneer who more than 30 years ago imagined a future filled with personal computers. As a result, he changed the antiquated system the business world had been using until then into a streamlined system, with the simple use of the mouse. Something similar happened in the worlds of phones and music with the iPhone and iPod. As far as images go, Pixar still remains at the forefront of film animation.

Besides being a creative genius, Jobs showed absolute mastery in marketing his products, leading Apple to the top of the corporate world.

The passing of Jobs leaves a significant void and represents a great challenge for the future of Apple, whose past and present are intimately linked to its founder. His absence will also be felt around the world, where millions of consumers always expected him to surprise them by launching a new product.

Jobs is no longer with us. However, we remain hopeful that in some corner of the world, someone like him is doing what he did more than three decades ago: working in anonymity, patiently dreaming about the future, with the curiosity of a discoverer and the determination of a creator. The story and the hope of makind y are like this.

With his products, Jobs defied everyone’s sense of wonder and revolutionized modern life, putting his devices within the reach of the masses. Thank you, Steve Jobs.