Be Proud

Advice guru Maria Marin gives us three tips to living a little bit happier (and be a ‘mujer con la falda bien puesta') and shares her newest project.

You might know Maria Marin from her newspaper column, her radio show, her books, her TV appearances … how could you NOT know her? The prolific advice guru has shared her tips, pointers and get-real guidance with Latinas all over the country and made it her life to help people better there’s.

1. Ask for what you want.

We don’t get more in this life because we don’t ask for it, says Marin. Her latest book is Pide mas, espera mas y obtendras mas, and tackles just this topic.

Almost everything is negotiable, she says, “you just need to learn how to ask.” Asking for what you want helps you clarify your wishes, verbalize them and helps make your wants and needs known to others. People can’t help you achieve your dreams if they don’t know what they are.

2. Have faith!

“If I have to summarize my whole message it would be that ‘fe’ is the first syllable in ‘felicidad’,” she says. “When you have faith, you believe that things are possible that you anticipate and expect good outcomes. If I have faith in you and anticipate that things will come out good in your life.”

Marin continues that she’s seen that many women have a lack of confidence, and some of her radio show listeners have told her that they don’t feel like they are good enough.

“I don’t care if people think they need to be more, they just have to believe in themselves. Once that is there everything opens up,” she says. “Believing in yourself doesn’t mean you know it all. It means you are willing to try. This is what being orgullosa means.”

In addition to her new book, this fall she also teamed up with a project aptly named Orgullosa, a campaign by P&G that helps inform Latina women about P&G brands along with lifestyle, décor and home tips.

“Orgullosa is completely aligned with the message that I am bringing to Hispanic women,” says Marin. “My work is all about empowering the Hispanic woman and that’s what this movement is about.”

3. Get rid of excuses. We are full of them!

Marin says she has interviewed more than 500 women and asked them over and over about what it is that they really want to do and about what their life’s dream is. And while, everyone regaled her with their stories about what those were, when it came down to why they hadn’t made them come true yet, everyone was full of excuses, she says.

While not all of the excuses were the same, she says, there were about five or six that kept cropping up in conversation. The number 1 excuse? “It’s not the right time.” Followed by “I am not prepared. I need more training.” And third “I don’t have the time.”

Excuses exist because people are afraid, she says. If you don’t get rid of the fear and apprehension then you will come up with excuse after excuse to avoid going after your dreams. Instead of focusing on the possibility of not reaching your entire dream, Marin suggests simply taking the first step toward accomplishing them. Take baby steps, she says.

“To be honest with you when I was starting my career, I was worried I was not prepared pero me lanze!” she says. “My first project was an audio book, but then I started writing, and I could have said I was not ready at that moment, I didn’t consider myself a writer, but I am proud that I tried any way and I succeeded!” Now, she is a columnist appearing in more than 100 media outlets and her books are bestsellers.