New Year’s Wishes

The new year that kicks-off today brings with it important challenges on all fronts. Last year was unsettling: from the economy to politics, from Mexico to the Middle East, events and situations took place that can impact the course of 2012. Our wishes for the new year are that:

* The U.S. economy stabilizes such that a sufficient number of jobs can be created.

* An agreement can be reached between lenders and borrowers to avoid more foreclosures.

* Californians vote to pass measures that are needed to balance the budget increasing revenues.

* Parents, teachers and administrators in the Los Angeles Unified School District work together with the goal of putting student learning first.

* Public education in California isn’t considered the place to make cuts in order to balance the budget.

* Members of Congress put aside the ideological rigidity and obstructionism that has paralyzed Washington this past year.

* The Supreme Court rules that healthcare reform is constitutional and Arizona’s SB1070 isn’t.

* Presidential elections in the U.S. offer citizens a robust and honest debate so that voters can truly assess the proposals presented to them.

* Presidential elections in Mexico strengthen civil society and its institutions in the fight against corruption and the cartels.

* Democracy continues to take root in Latin America and all sectors of society benefit from economic growth.

* The movement in Arab countries against dictators leads to open political systems that respect religious freedom and the human rights of women and all members of society.

* The world economy, especially in Europe, recovers and with that, can again be a significant importer of U.S. goods.

And, add to all of this, we hope that 2012 brings peace, health and jobs for all. Happy New Year!