Time for TPS

It is time for approximately 212,000 Salvadorans who are in the United States under Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to re-register in order to avoid being deported. We hope beneficiaries go promptly to the relevant consulate to renew their TPS status.

This yearly ritual has been repeated since 2001, after a series of hurricanes devastated several Central American countries. The U.S. government found that these countries were experiencing conditions that made them unable to handle the return of their nationals.

Although this re-registration happens every year, getting beneficiaries to take advantage of the extension and do the paperwork within the 60 days provided is a struggle.

We believe that, according to the reasoning used to grant TPS to Hondurans and Salvadorans, Guatemalans should also obtain this status. Guatemala is in no better economic condition than its regional neighbors and cannot welcome the return of hundreds of thousands of its citizens who are working in the U.S.

TPS is an important benefit that its beneficiaries should not miss, especially at this time when deportations seem to be the order of the day.

If you qualify for this status, do not wait until the last minute to re-register.