A home run for LA

The past few years have been tough for Dodgers fans. We hope this is coming to an end, since a group of investors that includes Earvin “Magic” Johnson is buying the team.

The Dodgers’ misfortunes during Frank McCourt’s ownership tested the loyalty of the fans of this team, which has strong ties to the Latino community. The sadness of a semi-empty stadium during games, a team that played erratically, the fiddling the organization suffered during a divorce and violent behavior outside the stadium have been crosses for the fans to bear. Today, these same fans feel hopeful about the change in ownership.

The presence of Magic Johnson, one of our city’s most respected figures, gives strong credibility to the new management group. Johnson has shown he is a shrewd businessman with deep roots in the Los Angeles community.

On the other hand, the $2 billion purchase of the Dodgers set a record price tag for this type of transaction, which will have an impact on Major League Baseball. The rest of the owners are probably reexamining the value of their teams. TV broadcast rights are the centerpiece of this purchase.

There is no doubt that the purchase has revived the hopes of thousands of Dodgers fans for their team to return to its glory days.

For that to happen, players and staff must overcome the normal internal uncertainty that develops whenever an organization of this size changes hands. No great hires are expected right away. However, when the season officially starts next week, a new enthusiasm will resonate around Chavez Ravine Stadium.