LAUSD’s good choice

Monica Garcia is leader that has achieved results in a system that is politically tough

Mónica García’s re-election as LAUSD School Board president for a sixth and last year will favor continuing the reforms the school leader started with the support of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. We also think students and parents will benefit if they support a leader capable of taking risks instead of just maintaining the status quo.

If the alternative to García is to continue the previous model and cancel school reforms and options such as charter schools, we prefer to try new things and bet on changes that offer more choices to parents and students.

Right now, a group is trying to collect signatures to recall García, accusing her of not listening to the community, making devastating cuts to adult education programs and dismissing teachers. The School Board and García herself have few options when it comes to money, but even so, the board president negotiated with United Teachers Los Angeles a few alternatives that will allow some of these programs to reopen.

Removing García won’t eliminate the underlying issue. Making rational reforms to the system will be much more effective than ousting an effective leader who has proven she can achieve results in a system that is politically tough to navigate.

That being said, we are not arguing that every reform is good or that charter schools, to name an example, are always a good choice. But what is at stake here is the education of young Angelenos, so it is essential to bet on changes and innovate whenever necessary, especially given the current economic situation.