Refresh and Redecorate for Less

Don't fork out the big bucks on a home renovation before reading this.
Refresh and Redecorate for Less
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If you’re considering remodeling your home to update its look, keep in mind it can be costly and very time-consuming. However, even if you don’t have the budget at this time, you can still make minor renovations that will give your home a stunning new style. Here are 10 affordable DIY projects you can do to refresh the look of your home.

1. Paint: A gallon of paint is the cheapest way to transform a space. A secret to saving even more money is to look in the paint department at any major home improvement store for their returns. Most of the time there are colors that were mixed incorrectly and are discounted to $ 5 a gallon for a quick sale. If you’re open to color choices, it’s worth taking a look as you might find something you like. Don’t just paint walls, but give some furniture pieces a facelift by painting them, too. Shop at garage sales and thrift stores for bargains you can refurbish and that will become a one-of-a-kind piece in your décor.

2. Bedding: If you’re bored with your bedroom, a quick way to refresh the space is by changing the bedding. Nowadays, all major dept. stores offer a wide selection of bedding sets that include the comforter, shams, bed skirt, sheets, even decorative pillows. They are perfectly coordinated making your bedroom look as if it was decorated by a professional. Add additional toss pillows in a solid color and a warm throw at the foot of the bed. If you’re tired of your actual bedroom furniture, try turning an old door or floor screen into a headboard!

3. Decorative Pillows: In addition to adding more texture and color in a space, accent pillows are a great way to update a sofa in a living room or give a bedroom the look of a hotel suite. Instead of reupholstering a sofa or chair with a new fabric, consider a slipcover and new toss pillows. Instant makeover!

4. Lamps: Lighting plays an important role when decorating a room. Many homeowners believe a single light source coming from the ceiling is sufficient. However, accent lighting by way of lamps on the end tables or nightstands are a great way to create ambience as well. Consider adding a floor lamp next to a comfortable chair, or mini spotlights behind plants to create a dramatic lighting effect at night. Place them on timers, so they turn on automatically at just the right time of the day.

5. Wood Moldings: Different styles of wood trim are sold in all home improvement stores and are an easy way to add architectural detail in a space. You can install crown molding against the ceiling; create raised panels on the walls; or add a chair rail in a dining room turning an ordinary room into something extraordinary. You can even add molding to cabinetry in your kitchen for a more expensive look.

6. Candles: I love using candles whenever possible in all my makeovers. They are an inexpensive way to create ambience at night and look great on a coffee table in your living room; around your bathtub when you take a bubble bath; outside in your patio inside lanterns; and especially in a bedroom for a romantic setting. If you have kids or pets, a better choice is flameless wax candles that give you the same look without the safety concerns.

7. New towels: A secret to creating a spa-like feel in a bathroom is to roll new towels and place them inside a basket next to the bathtub or on the vanity. Include bath salts and gels to treat yourself to a relaxing experience! For a zen-style, use a bamboo ladder as a towel holder by leaning it up against the wall, which gives a very contemporary look to the bathroom, too. Don’t forget to replace the shower curtain and other accessories, which help to renovate a small space like this on a very minimal budget.

8. Backsplashes: It’s hard to update a kitchen on a limited budget since new cabinets and countertops can be very expensive. A great solution is to change the backsplash to increase the value in your kitchen. There are many styles of ceramic tile and glass mosaics, even peel and stick tiles! The installation is easy and since there is less area to cover when working on a backsplash, the costs for material are minimal. New cabinet hardware will also complement the makeover.

9. Window Treatments: Curtains are not only functional for privacy, but they can also enhance the overall décor of a space. If you have dated vertical blinds that control the light, install a curtain rod and panels over it for a more elegant look. This additional layer of fabric is a great way to add color, texture and pattern in a room. New window treatments can make a big difference to refresh the look a room.

10. Artwork: Take advantage of your walls because it is a perfect opportunity to create focal points in a home that will complement the decor. You can even save money by making your own artwork. For example, take a piece of fabric with an interesting pattern and place it inside a matted frame. Depending on the size of your wall, create a montage of different prints using six to nine frames. Family photographs also make for a beautiful installation. Enlarge the photos and print them in black & white or sepia. Create the look of a gallery wall by using display ledges as well to rest the frames on to give the grouping a three dimensional effect.