Six Tropical Iced Tea Makeovers

It's Sunday evening: The chatter of family fills your home, and the dinner table glows with a rainbow…

It’s Sunday evening: The chatter of family fills your home, and the dinner table glows with a rainbow of homemade dishes. Now complete the meal with an equally dazzling beverage. Skip the boring pitcher of water and sugary fruit juices and instead serve iced tea with a refreshing tropical twist.

1. Summery Papaya

Sweeten each glass of chilled tea with a soft, orange piece of papaya. Cut the fruit into cubes and carefully place them on a drink skewer. Place one or two skewers into each glass of tea, give them a swirl, and enjoy.

2. Pineapple-Lime

When you’re short on time, flavor a pitcher of iced tea with fresh fruit juices. Try a mixture of pineapple and lime for a tart and sweet flavor. Squeeze the juice from half of one lime directly into the tea. Then add one cup of pineapple juice, give the drink a stir, and serve.

3. Rosy Hibiscus

Start by steeping three to four dried hibiscus flowers in a cup of hot water for ten minutes. This will release the tart flavor and red hue. Strain the liquid to remove the woody petal pieces. Pour the cooled flavoring into a pitcher of chilled tea and garnish with a fresh hibiscus blossom.

4. Citrus Mix

Make a sangria-style tea by using citrus fruits. Slice fresh lemons, oranges, and limes. Add the fruit to a pitcher of chilled tea. Be sure to serve the iced tea in tall, clear glasses to show off the colorful fruit mix.

5. Pink Guava

If you’re serving for a special celebration, make pink tea. Scoop out the rosy flesh of a pink guava fruit and place it in a blender. Add a touch of light agave syrup to sweeten the flesh, and a splash of pomegranate juice for a burst of color. Strain the pulpy mixture to remove the seeds and larger pieces of fruit. Add the thick pink juice to your tea for a pretty party drink.

6. Passionate Tea

If you always have juice on hand, make a half-and-half drink. Try seasoning chilled tea with fresh strained passion fruit juice. Fill each glass half full with tea and top it off with the bright yellow juice. Garnish with an orange slice and serve.

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