Completing a detox diet

Detoxification of your body is critical to your well-being.
Completing a detox diet
Detoxing allows you to shed stubborn weight, revitalizes your body, and improve your overall health.
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Our world is full of toxins–the air, water, and food we take in are all riddled with chemicals and bacteria. For these reasons, detoxification of your body is critical to your well-being. Detoxing allows you to shed stubborn weight, revitalizes your body, and improve your overall health.

Before beginning a detox diet, it is important to understand what it is. Detoxification is a highly regarded treatment in alternative medicine. Experts believe that many of the illnesses we experience are due to the overload of toxins in the bloodstream.

Most detox advocates explain that detoxifying the body helps to alleviate and even cure illnesses by allowing our bodies to be restored. In essence, a detox diet is like pressing the reboot button.

There are several benefits to completing a detox. From weight loss to glowing skin, a detox can improve your health in myriad ways. Most importantly, your organs need a break from the constant efforts of maintaining your body functioning properly.

A detox that includes fasting or juicing will give your organs much-needed rest. A fast will also help your liver, kidneys, intestines, and skin eliminate waste and toxins from the body. In addition to a more efficient body, you will experience heightened levels of energy and even clearer skin.

For optimum health, a detox should be completed a least once a year. There are multiple detox methods being used today, many of which you can find online. Selecting the right detox is all about choosing the one that works best for your individual needs.

Experts agree that detoxification is a process and takes time. Since it takes at least seven days for the body to eliminate its toxins, most diets are a week long and begin with several days of fasting on juice. Once you complete the juice fast, the diets will ease you into eating solid foods.

Regardless of the detox program, you’ll have to drink plenty of water and, in some cases, take herbs that assist with the detoxification process. Exercise is also highly emphasized during any detox program in order to purify the body through the natural mechanism of sweating.

If you are looking for a good place to start or you are unable to commit to a week-long program, Dr. Oz has a great 48-hour cleanse. He also has simple detox solutions for you to follow if you are too busy to try a strict cleanse.

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