Birthday party checklist for your little boy

As your little boy gets older, birthday party decorations and activities need to fit his personality…

Birthday party checklist for your little boy
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As your little boy gets older, birthday party decorations and activities need to fit his personality and style. Rubber duckies and race cars are appropriate only for the first few years. Take note of his favorite movies, comic book characters, and musicians when making a birthday party checklist for the big day.

1. Choose a cake
A birthday celebration must include cake. Instead of opting for classic balloons and confetti, ask the bakery to carefully write “Feliz Cumpleaños” or decorate the top of the cake with fresh fruits. For a personal touch, have the bakery print a picture of the little boy’s favorite cartoon character on the top of the cake using edible inks.

2. Order the invitations
After ordering the cake, choose invitations that complement it. Use the same character, writing style, or colors on the invitations. Admittedly, boys really don’t care what the invitations look like, as long as their friends and family come for the party. Leave the style choices up to mom or dad.

3. Pick out party decor and activities
Keep the decorations minimal, but keep the activities plentiful. For example, a boy with a summer birthday might host a few outdoor activities such as a game of soccer or a scavenger hunt, followed by cake on an outdoor patio. Boys like to have a little space from their chaperones. Limit the decor to colorful cake plates, napkins, and cups. Boys don’t care for decorative tablecloths, wall decorations, or chair covers.

4. Selecting gifts
If your little boy is going through a shy stage, it might be best to save the gifts for him to open in private with just his immediate family. If he’s opening presents in front of peers his own age, keep the gifts fun and simple: toys, books, and games.

5. Prep the home
Before party day, give the home a through cleaning. This includes tidying the bathroom, dining room, living room, and any outdoor areas where the children might play or guests will congregate. Ask family members for help with this task if you have several children. And, don’t forget to reward yourself with a merienda while working through the birthday party checklist!

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