When to include health supplements

Today's modern Latin American cuisine is heavily influenced by centuries of cultural traditions. Although…

When to include health supplements
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Today’s modern Latin American cuisine is heavily influenced by centuries of cultural traditions. Although many Latin Americans consume customary American foods, their diet is still based around a food heritage of corn, flour, and rice, a traditional diet that can lead to the need for health supplements.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Hispanics regularly consume rice and ready-to-eat cereals and, with the exception of tomatoes, are less likely to eat vegetables. Whole milk, fruit, beef, eggs, and legumes are also foods that make up a large portion of the standard diet.

Although these foods are nutritious and vital to any well-equipped kitchen, many people still fall behind in their recommended micronutrient intake of zinc, vitamin E, and calcium: things you may want to implement into your diet in the way of supplements. This shortage of micronutrients is one of the forces that have led to the prevalence of type 2 diabetes in most people.

The USDA also found that approximately 10% of Mexican American adults between the ages of 25 and 30 are affected with type 2 diabetes, making them four times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease. This increased risk of diabetes is combined with an increased risk of obesity. If you find yourself in this age group, you may want to add a few supplements to your daily diet to ward off, or at least reduce, your health risks.

Tamales, tortillas, and gorditas, along with manchego cheeses, thick cream sauces, and a variety of spicy salsas, are a staple for Latinos; however, these foods should be consumed with more vegetables for more nutrients.

Reduce your health risks

Introducing health supplements into any diet can prove beneficial, not only in meeting the recommended daily intake of nutrients, but also in reducing known health risks. For example:

With a little help from the proper dietary supplements, it is easy to stay healthy while enjoying all the foods you love.

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