A useful bathroom cleaning checklist

Keeping your bathroom clean and hygienic takes effort, but you can deal with your bathroom tasks effectively…
A useful bathroom cleaning checklist
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Keeping your bathroom clean and hygienic takes effort, but you can deal with your bathroom tasks effectively with this helpful bathroom cleaning checklist. Try to involve the family by assigning specific tasks to different members. This checklist is a starting point to keeping your bathroom in great condition.

Clean the tub, shower, and tiles. Start by using a cleaner to wash your bathtub, shower, and tiles weekly. When you wash them thoroughly, you remove any soap and other products that build up in these areas. Afterward, wash these surfaces with water and wipe them with a damp cloth.

Clean and shine bathroom mirrors. Shine the mirror with glass cleaner, or use clean water and wipe it dry daily. Clean your bathroom mirror once each week.

Wipe and wash the sink. Wipe out your sinks daily. Be sure to wash them weekly to remove any soap residue, and disinfect the inside and outside of your sinks.

Clean and disinfect the toilet. Wash and disinfect the inside and outside of the toilet bowl weekly. Be sure to wipe down other areas of the toilet, such as the tank, the handle, and the lid to remove bacteria.

Mop the floor. Sweep, then mop your bathroom at least once a week where necessary. Use cleaner diluted in water to clean tiled surfaces. Also, vacuum and wash the rugs and mats where necessary.

Clean the waste basket. Spray the inside and outside of the waste basket with cleaner, and wipe it with a cloth each week.

Clean shower curtains, rods, and rings. Remove and launder your shower curtains each month. Use a cloth dampened with water and dishwashing liquid to wash them. You should also wipe down your shower rod and clean your shower curtain rings.

Clean the medicine cabinet. Each month, check the medicine cabinet to get rid of medications and other things that are old, or that you no longer use. Then wipe the dust off the shelves.

Clean and organize other cabinets. Use a cloth dampened lightly with water and cleaner to wipe cabinets each week. On a monthly basis, clean, disinfect, and organize them. Also, throw away what you don’t need, and add the necessary items.

Wipe and shine faucets and fixtures. Clean all chromed surfaces, faucets, and doorknobs in the bathroom with cleaners, and then shine.

Clear the air vents. Carefully clean out ventilation grates at least once a month.

Empty laundry bins of dirty clothes. Take dirty clothes to the washer each week. Disinfect your laundry bin, spray the inside with cleaner, and wipe with a cloth each month.

Make sure that when you assign bathroom cleaning tasks to your children, they don’t have to use harmful household products. Using this helpful checklist will help you and your family complete the tasks that are necessary to keep your bathroom in great shape.

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