Make bronzer work for you

Whether you're looking to boost a radiant tan or emphasize your skin tone, or you simply love a "summer…
Make bronzer work for you
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Whether you’re looking to boost a radiant tan or emphasize your skin tone, or you simply love a “summer glow” year round, choosing the best bronzer for your skin tone is essential. From liquid to powder and shimmering to matte, both the formulation and the manner of application are essential to creating the healthy glow you crave!

Find a formulation
The first step to creating a beautiful “faux glow” is in the formulation choice. While color may seem like the most important factor, skin type is just as important. Dry skin types should use a liquid or gel formulation to add sheen for a glowing look that doesn’t crack or flake. In addition, choosing a moisturizing formulation will help combat future dry skin woes and will help condition skin for more vibrant color. Oily and combination skin types should look for loose or pressed powder formulations that will give some shimmer without the shine that often comes with oily skin. The powder will help set any other makeup, like foundation or blush, and will blend easily over rough or dry patches. Matching skin type is essential–you could have the perfect shade, but if it’s sliding or cracking off of your face, the effect just isn’t the same!

Select the shade

Women around the world have difficulty in selecting the perfect shade. Skin tones can vary widely, and the same shade isn’t for everyone. Don’t feel compelled to stick with brands that target ethnic skin tones or Latinas specifically. Shopping around will provide a greater variety of choice and a larger selection with more minor variations between shades. Generally speaking, darker colors (think: dark chocolate) work better with darker skin tones and lighter colors (like an earthy brown) look better with lighter or olive skin tones. Ladies with darker skin should also look for a shade that has a bit of shimmer (not glitter) to help better reflect light, while women with lighter skin tones should look for a product with a copper-like sheen. Look for a product that appears bright in the package but doesn’t shimmer. The usual rule is to select a shade that is one to two shades darker than the foundation you will be wearing, which should ideally match your skin tone. Be careful that you don’t select a shade that is too dark, or skin can begin to look “dirty.”

Match your makeup

It’s always a good idea to remember that each product is just a piece of the puzzle, or a part of your overall look. If you’ve chosen a shimmery bronzer, try to avoid things like metallic eyeshadow and glitzy lip gloss! Also, keep in mind that makeup, just like clothing, should ebb and flow and change with the seasons. If you live in a colder area where your outdoor activity and sun exposure may be limited during the winter months, consider using a lighter shade. Remember to blend and layer to avoid “cake face” style cracking, especially in cooler climates. If you’re fortunate enough to enjoy warm weather year round, then using slightly more product or a slightly darker shade in the months that you tan or spend more time outdoors is also a good plan.

There are so many options available in the different brands and colors that bronzer can often feel overwhelming to even purchase, let alone apply. Just remember to stay true to yourself–follow your skin type and tone to easily pick the perfect formulation, every time! Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and when in doubt, get a sample and take it home to try.

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