Must-have lipstick shades for fall

Fall is the season to look sexy and sophisticated. Give your lips the look of alluring elegance with…

Must-have lipstick shades for fall
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Fall is the season to look sexy and sophisticated. Give your lips the look of alluring elegance with these classic fall lipstick shades. Wearing the right lip color can pull together your entire look. From subtle nude lips to crimson cranberry, try out these colors to match your fall wardrobe and the lovely colors of the season.

Earthy and mature lipstick colors

Earthy browns and golds are essential in autumn. The leaves are fading, bright colors are changing into darker ones, and so are the fashion color trends. Put away the carnation pink and strawberry red and take out colors like coral, cocoa, and beige. These lipstick shades look great with the trendy colors this season: eggplant, peach, burnt orange, and primrose yellow. They also have a mature feel to fit the mood of fall. Try a chocolate rose shade with a brown skirt and a peach blouse. Nude lips work well with ornate fall scarves and big, gold jewelry.

Bold red fall lipstick shades

When you want to wear a bold color, try darker reds like black cherry and cranberry. Deeper reds have a romantic feel, and they look great with the darker colors of fall. Pair burgundy lips with black pants and a casual top, or with a sexy, black dress. Look for chocolate tones in your red lip color for a little autumn edge. Dark red lipstick shades stand out on a cloudy fall day, but they still hold the depth and seriousness of this colder, darker season.

Healthy lips for amazing color

Keep your lips moisturized and healthy to make the most out of your lipstick shades. Soft, well-moisturized lips make lip color last longer. They also help to create a velvety smooth appearance without your having to put on a coat of lip gloss. Put on a lip balm before going to bed and when you wake up. Look for powerful moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E. Exfoliate lips before putting on a lipstick with a sugar scrub or a washcloth to slough away dry skin. Use lipstick that has moisturizing properties to help lock in moisture while wearing your makeup.

With smooth, gorgeous lips your smile will look amazing whether you are wearing an earthy chocolate or a bold, deep scarlet. Experiment with different fall colors for your lips to accent your outfits. Whether you want down-to-earth and sophisticated or bold and mysterious, there are a lot of lipstick shades to choose from to have fun with fall fashion trends.

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