Party decorations: How to wow your guests

Parties may be for socializing, but party decorations are a key ingredient to any successful gathering.…

Party decorations: How to wow your guests
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Parties may be for socializing, but party decorations are a key ingredient to any successful gathering. Decorations create the mood and tone of your party for your guests. For that reason, your first step after committing to throwing a party is to decide on a theme. What is a theme? No, it’s not the occasion for your party (birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, etc.), but rather the vibe for your party. Is it a beach party or casino night? You can base your theme on an object you love, a type of food you want to showcase, or an experience you’d like to create. Below are a few party decoration ideas that will have your guests fighting for a spot in your next soiree.

Piñatas aren’t just for kids anymore

Miniature piñatas are great to use as centerpieces and party favors. You can go for the traditional burro or choose a theme that fits your fiesta: unicorn or ballerina. They’re versatile enough to be used as seat assignment cards or party favors. And, if you’re truly adventurous, you can even make the mini-piñatas yourself.

Make your dinner lighting fantastic

Candles add atmosphere, but to really kick it up a notch, use luminarias. (Opt for the more convenient and safer battery-operated luminarias instead of the old school sand/candle method.) These candles in a paper bag are versatile and add instant drama to any gathering. Use them to line the driveway, curb, entryway, patio, or even the indoor windowsills to your party rooms. You can improvise here and even change the color of light inside your luminaria from soft white to a blazing red or moody blue.

Foliage and flowers

Paper-made flowers, both large and small, affixed in interesting places, add color and drama to your party décor. Go seasonal and choose fronds (faux or real) as your centerpiece for a summer feast, dried cherry blossom twigs for an autumn gathering, or even a needle-filled branch with pine cones to evoke a winter scene.

A star is born

Want to make your guests feel extra special? Add drama to everyone’s entrance. Put out a red carpet or a gold-fringed garland of icicles over your entryway. If you have the budget and are hosting a large party, hire a valet service and host to greet your guests as they arrive.

Mood music

An element often overlooked is music. While you can’t see music, its presence–or lack thereof–makes a big impression. Again, theme is important. Not just any playlist you have will do. Be sure to pick theme-appropriate music. Having an Oscar party? Why not make a playlist of Academy-Award-nominated songs? If it’s a beach party theme, then 1950s surf music is a must. You get the idea, so don’t forget the tunes when you’re planning your party.

No matter what your occasion or theme, remember that party decorations are there to help you. Think of them as your faithful and hardworking assistants. So, pick your theme and unleash your inner domestic diva.

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