Why everybody should give boot camps a try

Boot camps, in the strictest sense, evoke images of soldiers in fatigues at the crack of dawn enduring…
Why everybody should give boot camps a try
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Boot camps, in the strictest sense, evoke images of soldiers in fatigues at the crack of dawn enduring bodily punishment: endless push-ups, in-time jogging, scores of jumping jacks, and hundreds of sit-ups. There’s a reason, though, why our country’s finest are and need to be in shape, and we can certainly benefit from their example. Modeling the techniques the military has used for decades, fitness experts around the country now offer women the opportunity to reach fitness levels in an enjoyable yet challenging environment. If your current routine has turned boring, if you want to see more results from your workouts, or if you simply want to find a workout that will keep you motivated week after week, this type of class-based training may just be for you!

These exercise routines sometimes get a bad rap because many people fear trainers, or they simply think themselves incapable of performing the exercises involved. Participants should know that any shouting from a coach is done with the best possible intentions: to correct improper movements, encourage you, and inspire you to reach your goals. He or she is there to help you, not harm you.

Even if you are not currently following an exercise regimen, boot camps are an excellent starting place for anyone, as the idea is to push yourself to your own limits. As you grow stronger and fitter, those limits will expand, and your body will transform. There are even particular camps geared toward certain types of individuals in particular circumstances, such as new mothers. Exercise is a great way to speed up your metabolism, boost your mood, increase your energy, and quickly restore your pre-pregnancy form. And because a typical session is only 60 minutes in length, the hour you devote to yourself will make you a happier and healthier care provider for your child.

What makes these types of classes so effective is that the movements involved are ideal for elevating the heart rate for extended periods of time. This is crucial for gaining muscle and shedding fat. Consider investing twenty dollars in a standard heart rate monitor so that you reach your fat-burning zones. Then, your instructor can give you a simple formula to determine your target heart rates, or you can look online. One boot camp session alone easily burns five hundred calories for the average woman, which, when followed with sensible eating and sleep habits, can translate into a healthy weight loss rate of up to a pound per week.

Boot camps are a sound exercise option, either as a substitute for or a supplement to your current routine, because they combine cardiovascular and strength training in a way that keeps you on your toes (sometimes literally!). A commitment to completing two to three sessions per week is plenty, and you can adjust as you advance. Given that no two routines are alike, you will constantly keep your muscles guessing, which will promote results, reduce your chance of injury, and sustain your interest.

Photo source: Flickr