5 ways to win over his friends

So you think you may have found a keeper, and you like him enough to care about whether his friends…

5 ways to win over his friends
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So you think you may have found a keeper, and you like him enough to care about whether his friends actually like you. There is a lot of advice out there, including 5 ways to win over his friends, but if you really want them to like you, don’t give them a reason not to like you. You see, men are pretty accepting of their buddies’ girlfriends and wives as long as they’re not annoying. If you’re often doing things they’re put off by, you’re definitely not going to be scoring any points with them.


If you’re perceived as difficult, high maintenance, or a whiner, this is a real turnoff for most men, and they probably won’t warm up to you. And there’s nothing worse in their eyes than a drama queen, so keep the drama recitals to yourself when you’re around them. Don’t call or text him constantly if he’s out with them. It’s likely one of the main gripes men have about the women in their friends’ lives.

The unpopular vote

When you’re out with the guys, it’s all right to put your two cents in when it comes time to decide where to go next, but don’t insist on always having your way. Be flexible. You’re already the third wheel, so to speak, so don’t expect to call all the shots for the night. Chances are they’ll like your ideas, but they may not. And if your idea isn’t hailed as the winner, don’t sulk about it all night. This is the kiss of death.

Finding common ground

As stated earlier, if you’re looking for 5 ways to win over his friends, take an active interest in their interests or try to find some common ground. And if all of the above seems too hard to accomplish, stay home and tell him to have a good time. Just don’t take it to the extreme. They’ll wonder after a while why you never want to come along and take it as a sign that you don’t like them, which will only alienate them even more, especially if they perceive themselves to be the problem. For the most part, they want you to like them, too.

Seal the deal

Men like to buy rounds. If you’re out with the boys, they’re usually going to insist on paying for your drink as well, even if you protest. So buy a round every now and then, or at least offer. Men dig this, and it’ll go a long way toward making a good impression. Reinforce the fact that you’re crazy about him to his friends. Men and women both like to know that their friends are seeing someone who has their best interests at heart and cares about them. It helps to have a sense of humor as well. If all else fails, at least you’ll know you gave it your best shot and you tried, which will go a long way with him.

Photo source: Flickr