Easy rooftop garden ideas

When land is not available, a rooftop garden is an ideal way to add all the virtues of gardening to…

Easy rooftop garden ideas
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When land is not available, a rooftop garden is an ideal way to add all the virtues of gardening to your living space. We’ve all seen them: tree tops peeking over rooflines or large flower boxes filled with beautiful shrubs. In places where residential space is at a premium, having a yard or garden is not always an option. Creating a special rooftop area expands your living space and provides a natural retreat.

Regardless of the size of your outdoor space, there will always be some room to work with. If you’re lucky to have a large area, adding lounge chairs and water effects can make your rooftop garden extra special; however, whether you have a small patio or an entire penthouse to work with, you will find these ideas helpful.

Ideas for that perfect rooftop garden

Apartment patio

As long as there is room for a few potted plants or a raised flower bed, you have room to create a rooftop garden area. Unused space can quickly be turned into an oasis. If you are an apartment dweller, stagger shelves along your concrete wall. You can then place candles, garden ornaments, and colorful pots with choice plants along the wall. Place two larger plants around a chaise lounge and you have a small garden area for one or two people.

Instead of shelves, build a slightly raised flower bed along the main wall with pretty latticework, and plant vines. Consider Virginia creepers, sweet potatoes, or morning glories, plants that grow well and will climb. You can even add a small shrub or two to shade sitting areas.

Pretty plant ideas

Plants such as begonias, morning glories, dahlias, and sunflowers will add a rush of color and magnificent scents. These work best in deep containers. Paint them brilliant summer colors and watch your outdoor area spring to life. Adding other plant types such as basil, blue blossom wild lilac, and mint will give a slight feel of aromatherapy. To attract butterflies and birds, plant Oregon grapes.


The lighting of a terrace is an effective way to add a contemporary element. Add lights that highlight special aspects of your garden, such as a beautiful tree or brilliant artwork. Lighting also sets the mood, highlights pathways, and provides security. Place your lights at the base of a tree; then, surround the fixture with sand or white rocks to add a stark, glamorous contrast.

Add edibles

Don’t leave all that potential rooftop garden space to the birds. Claim your territory by adding a beautiful leafy escape that includes edible plants. Although a picturesque place to kick back and relax is ideal, your rooftop garden area can still be functional. Consider easy to grow veggies, fruits, and herbs that require a lot of sun. Toss in special plants such as lavender, nasturtium, chrysanthemums, and chamomile and enjoy your very own edible plants for teas and salads.

Photo source: Flickr