Keep moving forward!

Voters trusted President Obama's vision

Voters gave President Barack Obama their vote of confidence yesterday to remain in office for four more years, continuing the work he started in the White House.

This election result sets the path the United States should follow, based on the wishes of the majority of voters. The options presented to them by Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney were both clear and contrasting.

In the end, President Obama’s vision prevailed: a federal government that can be positive and a fiscal balance that combines tax increases with budget cuts.

We hope House Republicans recognize the nation’s electoral will. GOP representatives in the House have been re-elected in their districts, so they retain control of the lower chamber.

However, the majority of voters rejected their ideas, which Romney represented. The election does not change the low popularity of Congress, but it does give renewed political capital to the president.

Americans are tired of the political standstill in Washington. Voters decided; it’s time to start working in a bipartisan way, but without forgetting who won the election.

First of all, pending issues must be resolved. There is the looming fiscal crisis, with automatic cuts and tax increases that will go into effect in early 2013 if no agreement is reached in Washington.

We hope bipartisanship also allows comprehensive immigration reform to become a reality. However, the White House should be the one that begins this process.

There is much work to do on the economy, job creation, investments in infrastructure and the energy sector, among others. Let’s hope the GOP caucus in Congress realizes that obstructionism did not yield the expected results. Obama was re-elected.

The election is over, but the government continues divided between Democrats and Republicans. It’s time to recognize realities and work together to move the country forward. Americans deserve it!