Boots are a woman’s best friend

Don't know what shoes to wear with that perfect outfit hanging in your closet, waiting to be worn? A…

Boots are a woman’s best friend
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Don’t know what shoes to wear with that perfect outfit hanging in your closet, waiting to be worn? A good boot is almost always the correct answer. There are a few types that every woman should have in her closet. Colors are optional but brown and black are must-haves. Buy your favorite brand, but make sure you have a pair of tall, military-style, and sheepskin in your repertoire.


Every woman needs a great pair of tall boots. There are so many varieties that you’re sure to find a pair that matches your personal style. They should not go too high; keep them at least an inch below the knee. If you are shorter, make sure to get a heel–wedge heels are the easiest to walk in and are still adorable. Loose buckles add some great style to tall boots, which can sometimes look a little plain. Tall boots look best with jeans and loose dresses, but steer clear of pairing them with anything short or tight.


This style of boot has come and gone in popular fashion but should remain a staple in your closet. Looking cutest with an above-the-knee flowing dress, military boots add a funky twist to classic looks. Try to veer away from styles that are too masculine, including those with clunky, rugged soles, whereas a small heel can add a feminine touch. These boots are often embellished with studs and buckles. For ease of use, make sure you find a pair that has a full side zipper. Trying to squeeze your foot into a tight boot is never fun. Military boots can be just the right addition to your wardrobe and can be worn from fall to spring. Pick the pair that fits your wardrobe and wear them with confidence.


Comfy, soft, and stylish, sheepskin boots have come a long way from the traditional tan boots of years past. These boots will keep your feet warm during some cold winter months while still perking up your wardrobe. There are some cute versions that also have designs; animal prints are especially popular. Embellishments also give these simple shoes some pizzazz, but try to keep the bling minimal respectable. Skip the ankle-height sheepskin boots, which can be hard to pair with outfits. Sheepskin boots look best with skinny jeans and cute form-fitting jackets. Nobody says that staying warm has to be frumpy!

Photo source: Flickr