Finding a Christmas party outfit that’s right for you

It's that time of year again: time to start thinking about putting together the perfect Christmas party…

Finding a Christmas party outfit that’s right for you
Foto: Flickr

It’s that time of year again: time to start thinking about putting together the perfect Christmas party outfit–or two. Fall/winter fashion trends are boasting a variety of mixed textures and bold color choices along with a few surprising nods to trends of years gone by. This season, you can put together the right look for you, no matter your body type.

Seeing red

As far as color goes, rich colors like reds, from corals to maroon to everything in between, are back with a vengeance. One hue in particular seems to be making the rounds with clothing designers everywhere: deep oxblood red paired with black, gray, metallics, or emerald green. Fortunately, reds are a holiday wardrobe staple at Christmas. Reds inspire fire and passion within us and evoke images of romance and excitement. Work this color this holiday season.

Flattering your figure

Pick a style flattering for you. This is extremely important and, with the abundance of style choices available to you, you should be able to find a look that will complement any figure. From peplums to capes and cloaks and leather skirts, it seems the choices for hiding figure flaws and playing up your assets are endless this year. While peplum skirts on dresses and jackets can accentuate a small waist or make a larger waist look smaller, be aware that they can accentuate a larger derriere and thighs and give them the appearance of being even larger than they actually are. Leather skirts, on the other hand, are the perfect answer for showing off how well your workout routine has paid off, whereas capes and cloaks lend a dramatic flair and aid in camouflaging other problem areas as well.

Fancy footwear

Pointed pumps and knee-high boots are back. This isn’t to suggest that the platform shoes you’ve been collecting or those ankle boots need to be banished to the back of your closet just yet. Far from it. But the trend toward the classic, high-heeled pump of yesteryear is definitely back. This style is flattering to every woman, no matter her height, weight, or age. Shoes with a thick platform can tend to make your feet and lower legs look larger, which is never flattering. Since boots have made a major comeback in recent years, the array of choices has been dizzying. The return of the knee-high boot is a welcome look for women with slender legs. Pair either look with a pencil skirt, and they’re a stellar addition to any Christmas party outfit.

Finishing touches

Currently, there are some beautiful bead and polished stone necklaces, bracelets, and rings on the market in an array of vibrant colors to complement almost any Christmas party outfit. If you choose rich, warm jewel tones to wear, go with deep, vibrant colors with your jewelry accessories. If you’re wearing something with more of an exposed neckline and shoulders, a collar necklace and cuff bracelets are a great match. For a polished look, consider wearing a pair of gemstone studs and a simple choker or thin necklace. Decorative hairpins can be the perfect final touch. They come in all sorts of designs, and during the holidays, you’re sure to find something festive to complement your Christmas party outfit.

Photo source: Flickr