Fun-filled Christmas decorations

Aside from Christmas decorations, ensuring that milk and cookies are set out for the jolly man himself…

Fun-filled Christmas decorations
Foto: Flickr

Aside from Christmas decorations, ensuring that milk and cookies are set out for the jolly man himself is only one of the traditions that makes Christmas so special. The warmth of the holiday season is enhanced by lights, fireplaces, and friends and family, not to mention all that holiday food.

With so much holiday buzz, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. This year, take a deep breath and practice the less-is-more approach to decorating your home. With a little creative thought and a few simple ideas, you will be well on your way to creating that warm cheery holiday feeling without breaking the bank.

Practical Christmas decorating ideas

Tree branches

No matter where you live, you will most likely have access to branches. Use simple tree branches from your yard to make easy Christmas decorations. Lay green tree boughs on top of a fireplace or tabletop and enjoy their natural aroma.

If using tree branches, spray paint them white, silver, or gold then place in a tall vase. They will make an outstanding hallway entry piece or tabletop addition. You can also use them in place of an actual tree. By stringing a set of lights and hanging a few bulbs, you will have a simple, yet festive holiday tree.

Natural elements

Nature provides some exceptional Christmas decorations if you look. The next time you’re out for a walk, keep your eyes open for things such as pinecones, small evergreen branches, or bright red berries, all of which make beautiful natural decorations for the home.

Candy canes

Although a traditional sweet treat, candy canes also make pretty Christmas decorations. Individually tie a red or green ribbon around a handful of candy canes, and then place them in a clear glass jar or vase.


Not everyone uses e-mail, which means there are still millions of holiday greeting cards being sent each year. If you have any, set them on display. Select a pretty ribbon to use as a card swag for your Christmas decorations, or use the front of beautiful cards to make art. Use glue to mount last year’s cards to a matboard, and hang it.

Christmas balls

Modern Christmas decorations have seen the typical red and green plastic Christmas balls transformed into stunning works of art. If you have a few beautiful Christmas balls, set them in a deep bowl to use as tabletop decorations to enhance that great holiday feast.


Use linens you already have around the house. Tie a wide festive ribbon around throw pillows for an instant Christmas theme. You can do the same with a pile of towels by tying them together with beautiful ribbon and then setting them on top of a bathroom counter for decoration.

For easy at-home projects, don’t forget to spray paint old bottles, include an abundance of candles, and add festive music to your holiday decorating ideas.

Photo source: Flickr