6 hair accessories to wear to a wedding

Set off your wedding-day outfit with adorable hair accessories. You can easily transform an everyday…
6 hair accessories to wear to a wedding
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Set off your wedding-day outfit with adorable hair accessories. You can easily transform an everyday ponytail or bun into a fantastic updo just by clipping, poking, or securing an ornate hair accessory to your locks. Try these!

1. Peacock feathers
Set off dark to caramel-colored hair with a hair clip made of blue-green-copper peacock feathers. Whether you choose accessories made from large or small peacock feathers, the look is elegant and modern. Be sure to avoid feathers from an albino peacock. After all, only the bride gets to flaunt white on the wedding day.

2. Rhinestone headband
If you have shorter hair, slip on a headband. Choose a sturdy metal band flanked with pretty rhinestones. Pick a style with color to avoid blending with the bridal party. Faux emeralds, rubies, or amethysts add a pop of color to your hair and a touch of bling to your outfit. Perfect!

3. Pearl-tipped pins
Wearing an updo? Add some interest with vertical hairpins. Choose long corkscrew or prong-style hairpins topped with gorgeous pearls to make your updo really shine. Simply poke the hair accessories into the thickest parts of your hair to secure. Create a pattern with the pins or keep the look whimsical and random.

4. Metallic barrettes
Sweep back bangs or the sides of your hair with a shiny barrette. Choose a metallic clip that coordinates with your jewelry or makeup. Love silver rings or gold-hue nail polish? Pick a barrette that amplifies this favorite shiny hue to tie your entire look together.

5. Floral hair clips
Headed to a warm-weather fete? Wear flowers. For an easy hairstyle, pull your hair to one side into a loose ponytail. Secure with a hair elastic and clip on a large faux peony, rose, or hydrangea hair clip. The look is cherry, bright and so simple to create.

6. Fancy bobby pins
If you love a more minimalist look, use pretty bobby pins. Pull a small section of hair back over one ear and secure it with a glitter-covered bobby pin. This adds a touch of sparkle to a super simple hairstyle.

Before splurging on over-the-top hair accessories, ask the bride how she’s doing her hair. You don’t want to show up with something similar and upstage the bride’s big day. When in doubt, think small, sweet, and cute. Leave blingy, glamorous, and elegant for the lady of the day.

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