Christmas desserts to impress your family this holiday season

Slip on an apron and get messy. It's the holiday season! Christmas desserts are the perfect way to show…
Christmas desserts to impress your family this holiday season
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Slip on an apron and get messy. It’s the holiday season! Christmas desserts are the perfect way to show off your grandmother’s favorite old recipes or experiment with your own culinary ideas. Ready to get baking? Here are a few tasty treats to add to your Christmas dinner table this year.

Seasonal cookies
When the house is filled with children, it’s tough to make dessert be a sit-down part of the meal. Instead, serve platters of cookies! Everyone can grab the sweets and munch while relaxing after the holiday dinner. Traditional Mexican desserts often include sandwich-style cookies filled with fruit jam. Galletas de Navidad are usually stuffed with fresh blackberry, pineapple, apricot, or guava preserves.

Or, make crispy fried rosette cookies–a favorite among children. To make these cookies special for the holidays, drizzle them with chocolate and top them with colorful red and green sugar sprinkles.

Christmas punch
Serve the cookies with a traditional steamy, hot punch. Ponche Navideño is a spiced blend of apples or tejocote, guava, oranges, raisins, and dried hibiscus flowers. If the Christmas party is for adults only, feel free to add a splash of brandy or rum to the punch to make a sophisticated hot cocktail.

If you want to also offer a cold punch with the Christmas desserts, try a pinapple-based drink. Start with a 2-liter bottle of clear lemon-lime soda. Then, add pineapple juice to taste. Finish by floating cubes of frozen pineapple juice dotted with maraschino cherries to add color to the punch bowl.

Holiday cakes
Christmas is the time to splurge on ornate layered cakes filled with fruits, nuts, or chocolate. Coconut pecan cake, honey spiced bundt cake, and cheesecake topped with tequila-soaked strawberries are favorite Hispanic Christmas desserts.

But, the go-to holiday dessert is often a tres leches cake topped with creamy frosting, pastel-colored sprinkles, and caramel sauce. You’ll never be able to eat just one piece!

Festive candies
Most holiday gatherings aren’t complete without trays of candies. From toasted nuts to dried fruits seasoned with coarse sugar, the holiday treats are varied. Try making candied walnuts sweetened with cinnamon and raw sugar. Or, save pumpkin seeds from the fall to make sesame and pumpkin seed candy. Tamarind candy and milk candy are traditional favorites often served with Christmas desserts. Don’t forget to also include some classic American Christmas treats: peppermint candy canes, filled chocolates, and peanut brittle.

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