6 must-do honeymoon activities

Even if you're worrying how you'll pay off the wedding, it's OK to live it up on the honeymoon.

Capture a shot of your shadows holding hands while you are enjoying your honeymoon.
Capture a shot of your shadows holding hands while you are enjoying your honeymoon.
Foto: Morguefile

You’ve said “I do” and nibbled on wedding cake leftovers. Now it’s time to enjoy a little alone time with your sweetheart during your honeymoon. While lounging on a beach or gazing at one another over a candlelit dinner, share your thoughts of the wedding and create fun keepsakes.

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1. Make a top 10 list

Grab a journal and pen a list of memories from the wedding day. Think about the top 10 funny moments or top 10 things that made you smile. This is a fun way to go over the day and discuss experiences that your spouse didn’t see–like the flower girl trying on your veil while getting dressed!

2. Snap an artsy photo

Use your cellphone or a digital camera to capture a few honeymoon-inspired pictures. When you’re lounging on beach chairs side-by-side, grab a quick snapshot of your feet mingling with the ocean in the background. This is a great way to show off your wedding day pedicure and trip destination. Or, capture a shot of your shadows holding hands, or a close up of your hands toasting with champagne flutes during a special dinner.

3. Get a little crafty

All-inclusive honeymoon resorts and trips often offer craft sessions. Before you think these are for the younger guests of the resort, consider making a trinket as a personal souvenir of your trip. A special hand-dipped candle or decorative coffee mug might just become your favorite memento of the honeymoon.

4. Go for a walk

It’s easy to get caught up in a travel schedule. If you’re taking a group tour, carve out a little alone time. During an excursion, take time to meander off the beaten path and enjoy a walk to observe the local nature. This is a great time to simply enjoy each other’s company and be a little romantic.

5. Splurge a little

Even if you’re worrying how you’ll pay off the wedding, it’s OK to live it up on the honeymoon. After all, you’re only going to have one! If an opportunity presents itself that you wouldn’t be able to experience again, go for it! This might include trying a zip line adventure, ordering the deluxe locally caught seafood platter, or paying extra to ride horses on a beach. You can work on the budget after the vacation is over.

6. Keep a journal

You don’t have to be a wordsmith to create a fun journal. Simply jot down names, places, and thoughts about each day. This will make it easier to assemble a photo album or scrapbook when the honeymoon is over. Remember to include funny lines, special discoveries, and inside jokes that only you and your spouse will understand later!