What baby toys does your little one need?

Make sure that your baby has the right stimulation for their age, and add to their development.
What baby toys does your little one need?
At just three months, babies are beginning to take stock of the world around them.
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The shops are full of baby toys for you to choose from, but what are the best toys for your baby? What will help their development, keep their interest, and help them to learn new skills?

From three months

At just three months, babies are beginning to take stock of the world around them. They are much more alert and are becoming aware that there is more to life than just eating and sleeping.

This is the time when they want things to hold. Sight is not enough anymore as they begin to try to work out how their hands move and how seeing and finding an object are related. They need to be able to reach out for secure, suspended baby toys like mobiles over their cots, mobile gyms on the floor, or baby toys strung across their strollers.

Rattles, chiming balls, and noisy playthings show babies that they are masters of their own actions. If they wave something and it makes a noise, it affirms what they have done. Their actions have a reaction, and this makes them eager to explore more.

Moving onto four

Babies spend their fourth and fifth months learning about themselves, their bodies, and what they can make them do. Physical activity is a great way to help them to develop this knowledge.

Try games that include movement and buy baby toys that your little one can push and pull about. At six months, basic play is accompanied by the willingness to learn new skills. Babies then need toys that educate as well as stimulate.

Rolling balls, building brick towers, stacking cups and vrooming cars will show your baby something new. Sorting toys can help to teach your baby shapes and colors. Mom can be involved in the games with baby too. They will try to imitate you, picking up new skills as they play.

From eight months

Somewhere around eight months, your baby will start to crawl. Mobility helps them to learn by moving them in new directions. Make sure that your house is toddler safe before baby gets moving. You can help them to use their bodies by placing safe objects in view but at a distance for your baby to try to reach.

Choose large cuddly or soft toys that they can easily see or large brightly colored baby toys like a beach ball or a balloon to give them the impetus to get moving. Help them to progress to the walking stage by purchasing a walker. You can get ride-on versions or ones with built in activity centers giving your baby two toys in one.

As your baby grows older, make sure they have non-toxic pens and paper to scribble on and books to look at and learn new words from.

By making sure that your baby has the right stimulation for their age, you will greatly add to their development. You don’t have to buy the most expensive toys but choose ones that baby will learn from. Surround your little one with baby toys that give them new skills and aid their development and you will keep your baby happy for hours.