Six packing tips for your next beach vacation

Whether you're headed south of the border or staying stateside, packing for a beach vacation doesn't…

Six packing tips for your next beach vacation
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Whether you’re headed south of the border or staying stateside, packing for a beach vacation doesn’t have to be a hassle. Taking a few extra minutes to prep before you go will make the trip more enjoyable. Here are six packing tips to get you started!

Protect electronics

Seaside vacations can wreak havoc on electronics. When sitting on the beach, keep your digital camera, music players, and cell phones tucked away in moisture-resistant cases or a plastic bag. This will also keep salty sea spray from boat rides or grains of sand from playing on the beach from jamming the devices.

Sort jewelry

Do your earrings, rings, and necklaces get tangled during travel? Save old prescription medicine bottles to easily sort your delicate jewelry. Start by filling each small container half full with dry rice. Then place the jewelry inside. The rice absorbs excess moisture and prevents the jewelry from getting scratched, or tangled.

Pack carefully

When you’re headed to the beach, you can get away with making your wardrobe multitask. That favorite floral sundress works as a swimsuit cover-up by day, and when paired with heels and a little bolero, works as a perfect dinner date outfit the next night. If you’re wearing two-piece swimsuits, pack tops and bottoms that mix and match. For example, black-and-blue bikini bottom can pair with several multicolored bikini tops to create a new look each time you hit the surf.

Bring plastic bags

There’s no telling when you’ll need to make a quick clothing change. Never stuff a wet swimsuit into your day bag without tucking it into a plastic bag first. This will keep your other goodies–such as electronics or a light sweater–dry and ready to use. Just don’t forget to rinse and dry the swimwear as soon as possible to avoid mildewing.

Beauty products

If you’re planning to show off a little extra skin in a swimsuit or soak up a few rays, don’t forget to pack sunscreen-based beauty products. In addition to tucking your favorite brand of SPF-infused suntan lotion into your bag, grab a small container of coconut oil. This natural skin moisturizer works as a skin lotion, lip moisturizer, shaving cream, antibacterial for small cuts, and naturally reflects sunrays.

Remove air

And finally, the last of the packing tips: After you’ve laid out your outfits, sort the clothing by item. Make one stack of pant and skirts, another of tops, and keep all socks and undergarments together. Now, fill a large resealable plastic bag with one type of clothing. Partially seal the bag and carefully squeeze all the air out. The clothes should appear flat and take up much less space in your luggage without trapped air between the folds.

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