The beauty of having dark skin

Ahhh, the beauty of having dark skin. You're truly blessed if your pigmentation lends itself to the…

The beauty of having dark skin
Foto: Photo by Alicia Nijdam via CCL

Ahhh, the beauty of having dark skin. You’re truly blessed if your pigmentation lends itself to the olive family. With a tendency to age better than your fair-skinned contemporaries, you’re in an enviable position when it comes to matters of beauty and style.

Blessing in Disguise

Genetics play a huge role in our skin types, but one of the benefits of being darker skinned is it often comes with an oilier complexion. Now most people look at this condition as being more of a nuisance than a blessing, but a blessing it is. Aside from over zealous sun worshipers, oilier skin tends to stand the test of time much better by frown line and wrinkle standards. Another benefit to having dark skin is better results with scarring, if cared for properly during the healing process, and it’s better suited for warm climates with strong sun, as it doesn’t burn as easily — but don’t skip the sunblock.

Skin Issues

If you are one of those raven-haired beauties with dark skin that leans toward the oily side, the issue of breakouts is often a concern. A dedicated cleansing regimen is important to keeping this skin type blemish free, and it’s absolutely paramount that it be followed in the morning and at night. Find a gentle cleanser that doesn’t irritate your skin and follow up with a light astringent before moisturizing. Gently exfoliating your face with a towel after just stepping out of the shower and then applying a small amount of aloe vera gel is a great secret for women concerned with heavy moisturizers.

Makeup Dos and Don’ts

Starting with some don’ts for dark skin, try and avoid eye shadows in blues and many greens. Yes, they’re tempting, but don’t go there. They’re just not your color. They usually have the polar opposite effect of what you’re looking to achieve, and it’s less than flattering. Also, be careful of oranges and orange reds when picking out lipsticks and blushes. They’re not all created equal with your skin coloring and can come off looking harsh, making you run the risk of looking hard or brassy. Pink pinks should be avoided, too. Do choose shades in warmer earth tones and jewel tones for blush and eyes to compliment your beautiful, warm skin. If you are a fan of red or you’re looking to make a dramatic statement, then choose reds with a blue base. For a smoldering look, try coal-smudged, smoky eyes, but don’t go overboard. With all makeup, remember: less is better.

Bold is Beautiful

Though it’s said people with dark skin have a harder time jumping from one end of the color spectrum to the other, when it comes to fashion, the world is still your oyster when it comes to bold, beautiful looks and softer warmer hues you can carry off. This is where you shine and get noticed. Depending on the particular shade of your skin tone, you should be able to pull off vibrant oranges, but even if you can’t, you can always pull off shades of peach for a softer look that compliments skin that’s a warm brown. It’s important to note that certain shades of green or yellow can make you look pale, but deep shades of sapphire blue, crimson red or emerald green are almost always a safe bet. Bonus for dark skin: you can never go wrong with white.