Cocktail party ideas with the Midas touch

By throwing a gold selling party, all that's accomplished in a fun atmosphere with drinks and apps.
Cocktail party ideas with the Midas touch
Novel cocktail party ideas may be getting rarer, but they're not completely gone.
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Fresh, new cocktail party ideas are definitely getting harder to come by these days. It seems as if they’ve all been done, and they’re looking pretty played. So how do you conquer the dilemma and throw an epic party that everybody will want to attend and still be talking about for weeks and months to come? Well, your golden opportunity has just arrived.

From delicious drinks and amazing apps to interesting themes and creative costumes or asking guests to attend in formal attire, you can still put some pizzazz in your next party and leave a lasting impression on your guests. For more answers, read on.

Be the toast of the town

Novel cocktail party ideas may be getting rarer, but they’re not completely gone. There are a few things you’ll definitely want to include at your next bash. Consider making a variety of Latin drinks such as Cuban mojitos, Brazilian caipirinhas, Peruvian pisco sours or Portugese ponchas, for instance.

These drinks contain many of the same or similar mix ingredients, so the necessity to create a mountainous pre-party shopping list is cut down considerably and it reduces clutter for your bar. Another plus is these are all easy drinks to make pitchers of in advance, saving you both valuable time and space.

Amazing apps

Savory appetizers are a key ingredient to all successful cocktail party ideas. Here’s your chance to really shine when it come to showing off your creativity with cooking. Coming up with something out of the ordinary like Caribbean-inspired Latin finger foods such as yuca chips, pinwheel jerked flank steaks with an herbed goat cheese, or cinnamon and nutmeg fried plantains cooked in coconut or peanut oil with a heavy cream sauce for a sweeter, dessert-like dish are high on the charts for cocktail party ideas.

Theme parties

A flare for the arts can be just the ticket for sliding the scale in your favor from mundane to extraordinary when it comes to cocktail party ideas. If you’re part of a book club, consider basing your theme on a current or recently read book that your group especially enjoyed. Pick one with interesting characters that can easily be replicated by party goers. Another fun idea is to pick a popular movie or sport and ask your guests to come as their favorite character or player.

You can also pick a particular time or event in history and see how many different versions of Pancho Villas or Evita Perons show up. Be sure and decorate your home or the venue with props or scenery to really set the mood and get everyone in the spirit.

The Midas touch

After searching high and low to bring you some fun cocktail party ideas with a twist, we think we may have hit upon just the thing, with a variation on the theme party with a gold selling party. What is it? Here’s how they work: throw a party, invite your friends, and everybody leaves with cash in hand – including you, the hostess. Sound oversimplified? Well, it is, but not by much.

Everybody has unused, unwanted, mismatched, or broken gold in one form or another lying about doing absolutely nothing but taking up space and creating clutter. What if in one fell swoop you could stop by a friend’s house for an evening of entertainment and be rid of it all and be compensated for it? By throwing a gold selling party, all that’s accomplished in a fun atmosphere with drinks and apps, too. Sponsors for these parties are easily found on the Internet.