The life transition from mom to woman

When your child starts preschool or begins attending junior level education, you suddenly have more…
The life transition from mom to woman
Foto: Flickr - Craig Cloutier

When your child starts preschool or begins attending junior level education, you suddenly have more time on your hands. Where once your life completely revolved around your children, you now have time to get your own life back on track. It’s time to go through the life transition from mom back to being you.

What about Education?

Being a mom is a full-time job but those little ones will grow up. You won’t ever stop being a mother but you can be other things too. Think about what you would like to do in the future and use that spare time to plan towards it. Restarting your education is a big life transition. You could use your time to catch up on your qualifications. Check out what is available in your area. There may be classes going on in the daytime that you can attend. If you don’t want to catch up on formal qualifications, see what is offered at your local community center. They may have hobby type classes that will get you out of the house and connecting with new people. You could also sign up for a distance learning course where you can study at home whenever you have a spare moment.

Work or Volunteer

Time is precious when you have little of it to yourself. If you toddler is only away for two or three mornings then you’re looking at making the best of the few hours that you have. Going back to work may be an option but you may not want to do that just yet or you may need to look for new work. This can be a time where you take stock of your life and prepare yourself for a new life transition. Volunteer associations always need someone to help out for a few hours. While you are going through this life transition, you could offer your services to a local charity or church. Being a volunteer is an excellent way of getting involved, reintroducing yourself to a work-like environment. You could help out in a shop, on a helpline, in the office, or with fundraising events. Check out what local groups are in your area. Is there a shelter you could help out? What about a youth organization or elderly care center?

Keeping Fit

To help yourself to feel fit and healthy as you go through this life transition, you could join a fitness class or use your time to head to the gym. Gym memberships can be expensive so you could try swimming or just using your time to go for a walk, listen to music, and enjoy your time out. Exercise is great not only for your body but for helping you to think clearly thus helping you to think about yourself and what you want to do with your life.

Whether you take up education, volunteer, or start a fitness regime, you will be taking control of your life. Use the time your child is at school to plan for your future and start working towards it. Move through this life transition at peace with yourself and who you want to be.

Source: Flickr – Craig Cloutier