4 flirting mistakes to avoid

If you've had a spate of bad luck recently with men, you could be making one of these mistakes.
4 flirting mistakes to avoid
Trying too hard. Men don't like anything that feels forced, and they'll turn tail and run the minute they sense it.
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You’re out and about and the available men are plentiful, not to mention the fact you look spectacular. It’s going to be a great night. You can just feel it. Your expectations are high, and you have no reason to doubt your abilities to cast your net and pull in the available bounty that stands before you — or can you?

If you’ve had a spate of bad luck recently with men and you’re starting to doubt your abilities to seal the deal, you could be making one of these four flirting mistakes to avoid.

Trying too hard

If you’re trying too hard or not taking no for an answer, it’s a definite turn off. Men don’t like anything that feels forced, and they’ll turn tail and run the minute they sense it. In their eyes this smacks of desperation, and is probably No. 1 on their list of flirting mistakes.

If you sense this, back off and see what happens. The flip side to this is over confidence. It’s a well-known fact men find confidence sexy and attractive, but over confidence can be seen as cocky and offensive and is considered another flirting mistake.

Playing too hard to get

The old rules to dating and flirting used to encourage this particular tactic, but recent polls of men ages 19 to 45 have found that apparently the rules have changed and men want no part of this. Though most men will agree the thrill of the chase is a big part of the ritual, they’re not interested in what they see as a game with too much work involved. Flirting mistakes like this one will get you nowhere fast these days and could cost you a date with Mr. Right.

Coming on too strong

Coming on too strong can be very intimidating for many men. This falls into the trying too hard and over confidence categories of flirting mistakes. Coming on too strong can leave you looking cheap and promiscuous in the eyes of many men who are trying to save their egos as the manly pursuer that they like to envision themselves as. So throw them a bone and let them think it was their idea to pursue you and not the other way around.

Casting too wide a net

This is a common mistake many women make in the dating scene. If you’re in a situation or at an event where men are plentiful, try not to cast too wide a net in order to bag the big game you’re hunting for.

Simply put, if men see you flirting with everyone and anything that has a pulse, you’ll come across as an insincere player, a tease, or worse. This can be especially true if you’re flirting with his friends as well. Flirting mistakes like these will leave you flat in a hurry.