Aging well: It’s about more than just a healthy diet

Those who exercise, eat healthily, and live with a positive attitude, are 4 times more likely to contribute…
Aging well: It’s about more than just a healthy diet
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Those who exercise, eat healthily, and live with a positive attitude, are 4 times more likely to contribute to a healthy aging process. Aging well seems to be as much about the mental state as it does about the physical.

Healthy aging refers to women maintaining a good level of function once they reach the age of 60. This level of function includes satisfactory respiratory function, mobility, mental health, and cognitive skills, it also implies being free of chronic diseases.

Through numerous studies on women and aging, scientists have concluded that even though the road to the golden years is inevitable, it does not have to be one marked with declining health. It is possible to influence the way we age by some of the choices we make along the way.

For women, aging well has been marked by four key factors that, when combined together, can result in a significantly better aging outcome. These key factors include; a healthy diet of fruit and vegetables, excluding smoking and excessive alcohol use, and maintaining cognition and general mobility with various forms of physical and mental exercises. Being a highly motivated person also has major positive contributions to healthy aging.

Healthy diet

Maintaining a healthy weight is vital to a healthy body. Eating a well-balanced diet will not only improve energy levels and ward off obesity; it will also reduce the chances of developing diseases such as diabetes.

Eliminate smoking and drinking

Smoking can speed up the aging process by encouraging wrinkles. Smoking and the excessive use of alcohol are known factors for heart disease, things that can work against aging well.

Maintain cognition and mobility

By having an active mind and body, you will keep your skills and reflexes sharp. Reading a book, solving crossword puzzles, and learning new skills are an effective way to exercise the brain. A form of regular physical activity is vital to a healthy body. Whether it’s strength training or leisure activities, it’s never too late to begin. Exercise helps you think clearly, reduce the risk of disease, and recover faster from illness. It also contributes to aging well.

Motivated and positive

Aging well is about keeping a positive attitude. The way you view your life and yourself has an impact on your aging process. With a negative attitude, you will be less inclined to become involved in activities or opportunities. With a positive attitude, you are more likely to be motivated to get out and enjoy life.

Consider your currently lifestyle, making positive changes now will not only help with aging well, they will prove beneficial throughout your life as you head down that road to your golden years.