Delicious and easy party food ideas

Moments that are cause for celebration can strike at any time. Sometimes the fact that it's Friday is…

Delicious and easy party food ideas
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Moments that are cause for celebration can strike at any time. Sometimes the fact that it’s Friday is cause for a party! Then you start thinking about all the cooking you have to do in order to have a few friends over and suddenly, ordering a pizza and calling it a day sounds just as good. Well, preparing party food that tastes delicious can be a lot easier than it sounds, and ultimately it’s much cheaper than picking up the phone for delivery. Read on for some easy party food ideas you’ll want to have at your next party.

Lettuce wraps
You can create a lettuce wrap bar and make the ingredients as simple or elaborate as you want. Start with some lettuce leaves to hold everything, and then have one or two meats as the main components (you might use tofu as one of the ingredients if you’re inviting vegetarians). Then add some different fixings to complete the wrap: shredded carrot, jalapenos, and julienned bell peppers are just a few ideas, but it can be anything that can sit unrefrigerated for a good while.

You know how you always offer these to kids when they’re hungry and you don’t feel like cooking? Well, steal the idea for your guests because some tortillas and cheese melted just right can do wonders for any empty tummy. More importantly, it becomes the perfect and easy party food to have at a get-together. Add some twists like different types of tortillas and cheeses, throw in a surprise or two like chicken or avocado, and you’ll have a roomful of happy guests.

Cheese toast
Elaborate the easy party food idea of quesadillas and make the Americanized version, cheese toast! Taking a baguette, slice it up, and top it with your favorite cheese before broiling or toasting it for a few minutes until the cheese is melted. Top with a tomato slice and a fresh basil leaf. Now you have a savory but easy party food that everyone’s going to enjoy.

Pesto-filled tomatoes
If you want to make it look like you slaved to prep your party food but really don’t want to spend a minute longer in the kitchen than you have to, be sure to serve pesto-filled tomatoes. You can buy pre-made pesto at the store and mix it up with a little cream cheese (enough to give it a creamy but firm texture). You can even add some avocado for a little something extra. Take about 30 cherry tomatoes and slice the tops off each one. Use a small spoon to hollow out the inside. For added effect, cut a thin slice from the bottom of each so it can stand up on its own. Top it off with some fresh basil for garnish and you’ll have an easy party food that looks like it was professionally catered.

Planning a party or even an informal get-together still requires some planning. But with some inventive preparation, serving easy party food can be the first thing you can cross off your list. Now you can devote your time to the really important party dilemmas, like figuring out what to do with your hair and which heels to wear.

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