Many health benefits of laughing

Laugher is the best medicine, or so they say. It's no joke that laughing has numerous benefits to our…
Many health benefits of laughing
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Laugher is the best medicine, or so they say. It’s no joke that laughing has numerous benefits to our health. An overall sense of well-being and losing weight are only some of the benefits of laughing. Research shows that laughing 10 – 15 minutes each day can burn more than 40 calories at a time.

Other research has shown that laughing nearly rivals exercise, especially when it comes to brain-boosting and general health benefits. A good comedy can increase blood circulation almost as much as a treadmill and regular laughter in general can raise disease-fighting immunoglobulins by 14 percent.

The benefits of laughing, though, go deeper than physical perks. Amusement stimulates the brain, which generates dopamine, the chemical that sets our minds in motion when it comes to thinking and making judgments. Positive feelings definitely fuel the mind.

Short-term benefits of laughing

A positive mood cannot cure all our aliments, but it can have us well on our way to having a great day. Laughing has many short-term health benefits.

Ease tension: Some people naturally laugh when they feel tension. However, if you’re not one to laugh away tension, laughing is a way to at least soothe tension. Aside from reducing some of the physical symptoms of stress, laughing can also relax muscles and stimulate circulation.

Stimulate organs: Since laughter enhances our oxygen intake, in turn it helps to stimulate our organs. With a good giggle, the body increases the endorphins in our brains that stimulate our muscles, heart, and lungs.

Lower stress:If you cannot get your stress response kicked into action, a good laughing session might help. While we laugh, we increase our blood pressure and heart rate, which results in a feeling of relaxation.

Long-term benefits of laughing

Laughing also does a body good when it comes to long-term health benefits. More than just a quick pick-me-up, laughter can help us live longer.

Pain relief: Several studies have shown that laughter can be an effective pain reliever. A good hearty laugh can break the pain-spasm cycle in some muscle disorders by encouraging the body to produce natural painkillers.

“Happy” brain chemicals: Our thought processes are more chemical than you may think. Negative thoughts encourage chemical reactions with stress, while positive thoughts encourage the release of neuropeptides, a chemical that helps fight stress.

Coping skills: A good belly roar brings a general feeling of personal satisfaction. Enjoying a laughing session makes it easier for most people to cope with difficult situations.

As the saying goes, laugh and the world laughs with you. Don’t rule out the benefits of laughing. Share a laugh with a friend. Get in on the water cooler jokes, or learn to tell your own. Find a way to laugh at least once a day, because there are many health benefits to laughing.