5 reasons to love your post-baby body

The long physical transformation from pre-conception to motherhood is not quite over once your baby…
5 reasons to love your post-baby body
Foto: Flickr / Sellers Patton

The long physical transformation from pre-conception to motherhood is not quite over once your baby is born. There is still the postpartum period to go through and the post-baby body to contend with: engorged breasts, bleeding, stretch marks, and a rather soft, squishy belly. No woman snaps back into shape overnight. A lot of healing sweat-pants wearing, and patience, is required before you can get to be your old self again. While you are waiting to fit into your favorite sexy dress again, appreciate your body!

1. It is lovable

You may not realize just how lovable your body is right after giving birth. Yes, it is still rounder and bigger, but it is also soft, curvy, and perfectly feminine. Enjoy being the source of comfort and nourishment for your little one. Use skin on skin contact from birth, which, according to research from the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing, may help with breastfeeding and cardio-respiratory stability in infants. It may also reduce infant crying. Spend some time cuddling with your husband as well!

2. It deserves special care

With a job, perhaps older children, and other family obligations, you may not have had the opportunity to really take care of yourself in the past. Pamper your post-baby body! Get plenty of rest in between feedings. Eat only the most nutritious foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, eggs, and whole grains to regain your strength and to help your body heal. Enjoy soaking in a relaxing bath with essential oils and sea salts while the baby is asleep. Give yourself a home face mask. When you are ready, visit a spa for a facial or a postpartum massage.

3. It just went through the impossible

The nine months of pregnancy are over. You have survived childbirth and are recovering. You can feel proud of your body, not disappointed about minor, often temporary imperfections like a rounder belly and hips and a few stretch marks.

4. It is a new body

Your post-baby body is the beginning of a new you. Whether you were in shape before becoming pregnant or not, now is a great time to take control of your well-being. Take this time to start healthier habits. Commit to a nutritious diet and regular exercise. Work on toning muscles slowly and then start including aerobic workouts like walking or cycling. Start slowly with exercise and talk to your doctor before becoming physically active.

5. It is temporary

Your post-baby self is not forever! Take this transition time as a period to rest, relax, and renew. Take care of your new body and make your health a priority. With a healthy diet and exercise, the weight will come off. Your uterus will contract again and the bleeding will stop. Take good care of your skin, moisturizing with a nourishing treatment like sweet almond oil or grape seed oil to keep your skin smooth and supple. It won’t be long before you are back to your busy routine, even busier now with the care of your blossoming little one!