6 birthday cake ideas for men

You've wrapped the gifts, prepared a special dinner, and called friends and family over to celebrate,…
6 birthday cake ideas for men
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You’ve wrapped the gifts, prepared a special dinner, and called friends and family over to celebrate, but, when it comes to thinking of birthday cake ideas, planning gets a bit tougher. Need cake ideas for your husband, father, brother, uncle, cousin, son or nephew?

1. Soccer-theme cake
Celebrate his favorite pastime: soccer! Go with a classic sheet cake decorated with a soccer ball made of frosting. Or, splurge and head to a bakery that makes custom cakes. Ask for a spherical cake made to resemble a soccer ball. Need a simple treat for a little boy’s birthday party? Have a baker create cute soccer ball cupcakes complete with matching patterned cupcake liners.

2. Sports team logo cake
If you’re not sure what to put on a cake for your brother, cousin, or any other fussy man, choose a sports logo. Find out his favorite team and browse the sample books of birthday cake ideas at a local bakery. Larger bakeries in grocery stores will offer official sports logos from the NFL, the NBA, and even the Liga MX. Then, buy paper plates, napkins, and party decorations to match the colors in the logo.

3. Photo transfer cake
No father can pass up a birthday cake that flaunts a picture of him and his children. Pick out a favorite snapshot and take it to a bakery that offers photo transfers onto cakes. They will scan the photo, change the size to fit to the cake, and print the image on a thin sheet of dried frosting using edible inks. The sheet is then carefully placed on the cake for a seamless, airbrushed look.

4. Stripes and patterns cake
When you’re simply out of ideas go for a very tailored cake. Ask for a cake decorated with delicate pinstripes, wide bands of colored fondant, fluffy butter cream designs, or an uncommon geometric pattern. Choose colors such as brown, tan, dark green, white, ivory, or light blue to decorate the cake.

5. Pet-theme cake
Is your husband’s best friend his dog? Consider birthday cake ideas that showcase his favorite four-legged friend. A round layer cake covered in paw prints, a sheet cake with a picture of his pet, or cupcakes topped with tiny plastic dog figurines are a great way to celebrate the special day.

6. Fruit-topped cake
Choose a traditional Hispanic bakery cake topped with fresh fruit or puree. Whether you pick out one flavored with fresh whipped cream and strawberries, pomegranate puree, or sweet raspberries and chocolate curls you’re sure to make the birthday man smile with this scrumptious option.