6 Tips to walk in high heels by tonight

Although heels take a little getting used to - you got this! Learning to walk in high heels is like…
6 Tips to walk in high heels by tonight
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Although heels take a little getting used to – you got this! Learning to walk in high heels is like taking baby steps: work slowly, make progress, and start to take bigger strides. Here’s how to gain some balance, quickly.

1. Practice makes perfect
What are on your feet right now? Slip into a pair of heels if you’re lounging around the house or off to run a quick few minutes of errands. The best way to gain confidence is by working those pumps for short, manageable stretches. Even a few minutes count.

2. Choose wisely
There’s no reason to start your high heel adventures in 6-inch stilettos. In the high heel world wedges and kitten heels are like training wheels. The wide-based soles of wedges help build stability, while the short 1/2 to 1-inch height of kitten heels give you a small boost as you learn to balance.

3. Be comfortable
Nobody needs to know what’s lingering inside your heels. For extra comfort and confidence, slip a pair of insoles into the shoes then wrap your toes in cushioned toe socks. If you prefer to stay barefoot inside your heels consider sticking non-skid toe petals to the balls of your feet to avoid slipping and toe pinching, especially in peep-toe heels.

4. Go slow and be careful
Heels aren’t for running races. Keep your pace slow and even when walking in high heels. Taking a stroll on a cement sidewalk is much easier than traversing a soft, grassy lawn. Make smart decisions and you won’t leave your feet sinking, stumbling, or throbbing. Channel your inner runway model and you’ll do fine.

5. Well-worn are best
When it comes to heels, a pair with a few miles on the tread are going to be more comfortable. Ask to borrow a girlfriend’s shoes, or snag a pair from your sister’s closet while you learn to walk in high heels. Just like sneakers or other dress shoes, heels have a breaking-in period. Don’t try to combine this process with learning to walk in high heels for the first time.

6. Be reasonable
Learning to balance on elevated shoes is something that takes time. Think of them as fashion accessories. After going a few hours in your heels feel free to swap your footwear for something easier to manage. Keep a pair of flats or ballet slippers in your purse for a quick change. Or, if you’re at home, indulge in a pair of fuzzy slippers. You’ve earned it!