Beef Recipes to Please the Whole Family

There are so many cuts of beef in the meat case at your local supermarket you might feel overwhelmed…

Beef Recipes to Please the Whole Family

There are so many cuts of beef in the meat case at your local supermarket you might feel overwhelmed trying to select the best options for cooking family-friendly meals. Besides pairing well with a variety of ingredients, adding beef to your mealtime routine is a great way to increase your intake of protein and iron. Just don’t eat it every day. Too much could increase your saturated fat intake to unhealthy levels. Once or twice a week is enough to shake things up in the kitchen without going overboard. Add your favorite beef recipes to your personal cookbook and the whole family will be happy.

Ground beef

Ground beef is one of the least expensive cuts of beef available. Look for a package that is low in fat percentage, such as those labeled 93 percent lean. This allows you enjoy the great taste of the beef, without overdoing it on fat. Form ground beef into patties and grill for a classic hamburger. Set out a variety of toppings so each family member can pile on their favorites. Cook ground beef, crumble it, and mix it with beans for tacos and burritos. Add it to vegetable soup or combine it with mixed vegetables, gravy, and mashed potatoes for a delicious shepherd’s pie that most kids will gobble up.


There are many cuts of steak available, including T-bone, ribeye, flank steak, and sirloin. While each makes a great meal when grilled and served with baked potatoes and a tossed vegetable salad, surprise your taste buds with something new. Slice cooked steak and make tacos or pile the slices on a roll, top with sauteed onions and serve with au jus for a yummy French dip that everyone will love. Steak slices also work well in a salad that has black beans, corn, roasted red peppers, and avocados.


A large roast is enough to feed a big family dinner, but for smaller families, you might be able to stretch it to two or three meals. For a classic meal, put the roast in the crock pot with a bit of water, sliced carrots, and cubed potatoes. Season with garlic salt and pepper and cook on low for 6 to 8 hours. To spice up a roast, put it in the crock pot, smash a couple of Italian sausage links on top, pour a can of tomato soup over the top, and cook for about 8 hours on low. Shred leftover roast and use it make tacos, barbecue beef sandwiches, or chimichangas. Beef recipes don’t have to be hard. Before you know it, you’re family will be enjoying new beef recipes all the time.