Christmas dinner menu ideas

The holiday season is fast approaching, and now is the time for planning. These Latin-inspired Christmas…
Christmas dinner menu ideas
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The holiday season is fast approaching, and now is the time for planning. These Latin-inspired Christmas dinner menu ideas are a good place to start. Any good Christmas get-together is centered around food. From the appetizers to the pie and everything in between, a good meal is what brings people together. Add a touch of your Latin heritage to the table by incorporating holiday dishes with some traditional Latin flavors. Turkey, ham, and other favorites are transformed into flavorful creations with these menu ideas. Plan a menu early to save yourself the stress on Christmas day. Use these ideas and add a few of your family favorites to make your meal truly unique.

Christmas Dinner Menu Ideas


Tostones: Serve with your favorite holiday dip or a traditional guacamole. The green dip can be made more festive with chunks of tomatoes sprinkled on the top.
Prawns: Serve with Spanish romesco sauce.


Coquito: Try this Puerto Rican twist on eggnog.
Ponche: This Mexican stewed fruit drink can be served virgin or with tequila.
Cava: Spanish sparkling wine will add a bit of glamour to your Christmas meal.

Main Dishes

Turkey pasteles: Fill pasteles with a flavorful turkey mixture and serve with warm cranberry sauce.
Mango glazed ham: Start with a precooked spiral glazed ham and coat with a mango mixture to give it extra flavor and moisture.
Caja China: A Latin favorite, meats just taste better when cooked on the Caja China.


Mofongo stuffing: An alternative to traditional turkey stuffing, this Puerto Rican recipe generally calls for green plantains with bacon and sweet chili peppers.
Cuban Fufu: Similar to mofongo, this stuffing uses a much riper plantain.
Spiced squash: Serve a traditional cooked squash with your favorite Latin spices.
Fresh salad: Latin dishes tend to be very rich in flavor. Add a fresh salad with light vinaigrette to help with balance.
White asparagus: A Spanish favorite, this dish can be served with a light coating of olive oil and seasonings.


Arroz con leche: Try a version of this rice pudding spiced with nutmeg or cinnamon for a Christmas flair.
Flan: This South American favorite is a perfect way to end a Christmas meal.
Hojuelas: Serve this Colombian sweet pastry.
Polvoron: This Spanish shortbread cookie is very popular around the holidays.

These are only a few of the many great Christmas dinner menu ideas that can be added to your meal. Plan ahead and start cooking early. Friends and family will love your Latin-inspired Christmas.