Holiday alone: A single gal’s survival guide

Moving away for college, changing cities for a better career opportunity, or relocating in general,…
Holiday alone: A single gal’s survival guide
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Moving away for college, changing cities for a better career opportunity, or relocating in general, brings with it many challenges including learning how to holiday alone. Not only are environmental adjustments necessary, social adjustments are also a survival requirement. Meeting new people and creating social networks in your new place of residence can be a daunting task, and one that can become amplified when the holidays roll around.

Just when media images suggest peace, joy, and love, you may be feeling quite the opposite. Times when your friends and family are getting together without you can often be the loneliest. Although it is common to miss family and friends, there are things you can do as a single woman to liven up your holiday spirit. If you find yourself enduring the holiday alone, try a few of these tips.

Be your own Santa

Women don’t generally need an excuse to shop, and this time of year is no exception! Begin your own Christmas shopping in late October, when you’re out doing holiday shopping for family and friends add an item or two to your basket for yourself. When you get home, quickly wrap your new items and forget about them. By the time Christmas day rolls around you will have a small pile of mystery gifts waiting for you.

Buy for your pets

If you have pets, they will make your holiday alone much easier. Cats and dogs love the opportunity to tear open packages with permission. Purchasing items for Kitty or Fido brings the excitement of gift opening into your home. Your pets will get as excited as a child when they smell a new bone or their favorite treats under pretty wrapping.

Take up some of the Christmas slack

With everyone else wanting time away from work, this can be a great opportunity for you. Offering to pick up some additional holiday hours does not mean drowning yourself in work. Use this time as an opportunity to let your skills shine by submitting a project on your own, or connecting with a higher-up from another department. It is also a great time of year to earn a little extra money to make up for being your own Santa.

Participate in volunteer work

Some people truly do need to be around others during the holidays. If you don’t want to holiday alone, volunteer your time. Local churches, soup kitchens, toy drives, and other numerous charities always welcome helping hands, especially during Christmas.

Create your own event

Invite other singles you know to your home for a soirée, or for dinner. If you are feeling lonely it’s likely other people you know will be feeling the same way. Celebrate your holiday alone together with a great potluck meal, exchange a small, inexpensive gift, or another fun holiday activity.

Listening to your favorite Christmas music during the days while you bake a few treats, and watching feel-good Christmas movies during the evenings, also help ward off the lonely feeling that can come with spending the holiday alone.