How to dress like Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is best known as a Disney pop princess, but her style and persona are changing. The once-tween…
How to dress like Selena Gomez
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Selena Gomez is best known as a Disney pop princess, but her style and persona are changing. The once-tween pop star has matured into a fashion trendsetter. She keeps her red carpet style classy and couture but opts for a more casual look when out on the town. Her style, which includes lots of jeans and t-shirts, is very boho chic. Accessorizing is also an important part of her personal style. Selena often wears simple outfits with statement shoes and accessories.

Dolman tops are all the rage, and Selena Gomez knows how to rock them with style. She often pairs an asymmetrical baggy top with jean shorts, boots and a long necklace. Although dolman tops are loose, she never looks frumpy. To copy this trend, find a dolman top that fits your body type and always wear it with a tight skirt, shorts or pants. Never wear them with flowy bottoms, which looks too bohemian and not exactly chic.

Selena Gomez likes to accessories her outfits with statement jewelry. She often chooses a long necklace or a standout pair of earrings that match her outfit. She prefers natural elements such as feathers in her jewelry. Shoes are also an important part of her look. Her favorites are boots and stylish flats. To get her look, pair shorts with tall boots with no heel and jeans with cute ballerina flats. Add a large boho handbag to complete your outfit.

Scarves are one of the star’s favorite fashion items. When Selena Gomez chooses a tighter shirt than a dolman or jersey t-shirt, she tends to wrap a large scarf around her neck. She lets the fabric droop low, almost like a necklace. The style looks best with skinny jeans and cardigan sweaters. Scarves are fun because you can choose your favorite colors or patterns without looking too gaudy. This trend is best worn during fall and winter months.

Selena Gomez’s hair is a big part of her overall style. She likes to keep her locks natural and flowy. If she wears her hair up, she uses loose buns and updos. This look keeps her boho style authentic. To mimic natural-looking waves, start by making sure hair is straight. Then use a large barrel curler to create big waves. Use minimal product to keep hair from looking too done. Selena Gomez has a unique and trendy style that you can get with a few key purchases.