Living room paint ideas: How to choose

Whether you are in a new home, or you want to remodel an existing room, coming up with living room paint…
Living room paint ideas: How to choose
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Whether you are in a new home, or you want to remodel an existing room, coming up with living room paint ideas should not be a burden. There is a seemingly endless array of color schemes, paints, and textures readily available to enhance your living space. Here are several practical ideas that will help you decide just what look is right for you.


Paint is used to create an atmosphere, so it’s a good idea to begin by considering what atmosphere you want to accomplish by painting your living room. For an energetic atmosphere consider oranges and reds. These colors work well in entertainment rooms. For a mature, peaceful feel, look towards creams, neutral tones, and whites to add elegance to your room. If your living room paint ideas aim for a soothing atmosphere, any tone of green or blue will accomplish this.

Color testers

Walking into a paint store can be overwhelming. One look at the never-ending color scheme choices, towering shelves of paint cans, and abundance of textures is enough to make you head back home and settle for what you have. The aim of your first paint store visit should be to collect a few tester pots. You can even gather paper color samples and apply them to your walls for inspiration. This will help you choose the best color for your living room paint ideas.


With your color sample on the wall, consider it from several angles. Leave your sample in a highly visible place for a few days while you decide. Look at it during prime daylight hours, and study it in the evening when less natural light is available. Stay true to your approach by being honest in your reactions to what you see. Does this new color accomplish the living room paint ideas you had in mind? Does it offer the atmosphere you want?

Keep in mind that you can always combine different hues in the color scheme of your living room paint ideas. For dark rooms, choose a lighter color for most of the room while adding a distinctive color to one area or one wall. For a living room that feels cold, stick to warm color tones such as caramel and ivory while painting an accent wall of chocolate.

Regardless of which colors you choose to implement into your living room paint ideas, always remember the number one effect you want to achieve. Whether it’s a more airy room, additional texture, a masculine feel, or something outrageous and energetic, paint is the best way to get there.