Modern Christmas lighting

During the 18 th century, traditional Christmas lighting was a decoration of candles. This form of…
Modern Christmas lighting
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During the 18th century, traditional Christmas lighting was a decoration of candles. This form of lighting was considered a rather expensive way to decorate, something affordable only by the upper class. It was not until the early 20th Century that public Christmas trees with electric lights became popular, and towards the mid 20th Century, homes, businesses, and public areas in general were lit up annually with a spectacle of lights.

In recent years, the technology behind festive lighting has changed dramatically, offering not only more selection in the way of colors, textures, and designs, but also in safety features. Today’s seasonal strings of lights are manufactured with brighter bulbs that do not heat up like their older counterparts, making them a more economical and safer choice.

Endless colors and designs

The traditional yellow, red, green, and blue colored bulbs can still easily be found for Christmas decorating however, contemporary lighting colors have expanded the traditional color choices. Now consumers can include other colors in their decorating scheme such as purple, orange, pink, and soft white. Mix these color choices with innovative design shapes like icicles, bubbles, Santa heads, or other themes and the popularity of modern Christmas lighting becomes evident.

LED Christmas lights

Known for their energy efficiency, LED, or Light-emitting diode, Christmas lights have come a long way from their initial introduction. Once considered dull in their illuminating ability, these bulbs are now much brighter. LED lights are a semi-conductor diode that produces almost no heat, especially when compared to traditional incandescent lighting. Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors, and available for indoor and outdoor decorating, LEDs can save about 90% on your Christmas lighting bill.

Incandescent Christmas lights

Traditional incandescent lights can still easily be found due to their continual popularity. Many people still prefer the incandescent bulbs for their brightness. This continued regard for incandescent bulbs has seen them take a modern twist in the way of shapes and colors. You will see them as outdoor icicle designs, or in various forms for regular indoor lighting.

Christmas sculptures

If your neighbor insists on mounting Santa and all his reindeer on the roof each year you may find this extreme form of decorating obnoxious. However, when nighttime comes and the sculptures are lit, there is a sense of beauty about them. Also known as motifs, this style of Christmas decorating continues to grow in popularity. In the form of large wire frames or small plastic designs, Christmas sculptures are commonly used to decorate everything from utility poles and lampposts, to towering skyscrapers and large shopping centers. These framed motifs are lit using a variety of Christmas lighting that normally include ropelights, mini-lights, and for the larger versions, C7 bulbs. Whether flat or three-dimensional, Christmas sculptures are a creative way to deck the halls.

Regardless of your Christmas lighting choices, it is important to keep safety in mind. Replace any light strands that show signs of stress in the way of worn or broken wires. If your lights are more than 15 years old, it is definitely time to replace your old Christmas lighting for newer and safer lights. Always turn off all Christmas lights when leaving the home or going to sleep at night. If using a live Christmas tree, ensure that it is sufficiently watered to prevent it from drying out and possibly catching fire. Safe holidays!