New Year’s Eve Party: Ideas for Staying In

You might feel like New Year's Eve requires hours on the party circuit to ring it in with style. Parties…
New Year’s Eve Party: Ideas for Staying In

You might feel like New Year’s Eve requires hours on the party circuit to ring it in with style. Parties are fun and allow you to spend time celebrating with friends and family, but you can still enjoy the holiday without having to dress up and make the rounds. Staying home lets you enjoy ringing in the New Year without having to leave the comfort of your own living room. It’s perfect for parents of young children or people who are worn out after Christmas. A New Year’s Eve party at home doesn’t have to feel like a sacrifice.

A cozy family New Year’s Eve party is ideal if you want to include your kids in the celebration and is a nice way to relax and stay healthy. It just might not feel right to go out and live it up when the kids are at home with a babysitter. Plus, if gives you a great opportunity to spend some quality time together. A few days before the big day, ask everyone what they would enjoy doing. Renting movies, playing board games, and watching the countdown on television are crowd pleasers. Don’t forget to stock up on snacks. A party to ring in the new year is a great chance to splurge on stuff you wouldn’t normally eat due to cost or nutritional quality. Put together a buffet style set-up so everyone can fill their plates as often as they’d like. Hot wings, tea sandwiches, sliced fruits and veggies, empanadas, mini tacos, quesadillas, chips and dips, and soda are good choices. Another easy option is just to order a few pizzas. Eat some for dinner and snack on the cold slices later in the evening.

If you want to invite people over, it makes the event memorable for you and your friends and family. Offer plenty of snacks and drinks and expand on the entertainment by playing family games like charades. Making an array of things to munch on with things like sandwiches, potato chips, and a veggie platter is an easy and crowd pleasing idea that allows everyone to eat when they’re ready. Gather an assortment of noise makers, such as pots and pans with wooden spoons, so you can whoop it up when the clock strikes midnight. This is always great fun for little kids. Shout and make a lot of noise, throw confetti or toast with champagne for the adults and sparkling cider for the younger crowd.

For a more formal New Year’s Eve party, prepare or cater a fancy meal that you might otherwise not eat. Prime rib and steaks are two particularly indulgent choices. Serve with vegetables, potatoes, rice, and wine. Or, order a cheese and fruit platter and serve it with crusty bread and an assortment of olives and roasted vegetables. This is a fun idea for adults who are throwing a party without children. It lets you enjoy a luxurious meal with friends and ring in the new year in style.

No matter how you do it, an at-home New Year’s Eve party is a nice change from the usual parties and makes for a more laid back and relaxing start to a fabulous New Year. You won’t be stressed and you’ll feel like you survived another holiday season.