This years Winter trends

New winter styles are out in full force. This season your wardrobe can be updated with a few key purchases.…
This years Winter trends
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New winter styles are out in full force. This season your wardrobe can be updated with a few key purchases. Each of these pieces was seen on recent runway shows and is already available in stores. The summer trends of peplum and military style are sticking around. This winter stay fashion forward with oversized coats, fun embellishments, peplums, knits and military boots. Focus on design and price rather than quality as these winter trends, like most, won’t be around long.

Oversized Coats

A great coat is an essential in every winter wardrobe. This year’s fashion of oversized coats is fun and fashionable. The classic trench and pea coat styles get a twist as oversized versions of themselves. The giant jacket look can be overwhelming on smaller body frames so be sure to pair it with skinny jeans. If you wear a skirt or dress keep it fitted and pair it with calf boots or other fashionable footwear.

Fur and Metallics

Coats, hats and purses are all getting a touch of either fur or metallics this winter. Embellishments can make simple items more fashionable. Winter trends in shoes are even getting this treatment, with gold studs and fur lining popular this season. The recent runway shows were full of fur coats and bags. Gold is a great color that can bring pizzazz to bland purses and belts; it looks especially trendy on leather.


Although they started as a summer trend peplums are staying strong this winter, but they will be seen less on colorful shirts, which are easily hidden in cold weather. This winter, find trendy peplums on coats and cocktail dresses in neutral colors. Use belts and leather ties around the waist to accentuate the look.


A winter wardrobe would not be complete without knits. This year’s winter trends include solid color sweaters; off the shoulder styles are popular. Knit gloves are also making an appearance this winter; finger less versions will let you be fashionable and functional. Scarves should be kept simple, multi-colored knits are out, solid colors are in. Infinity scarves and snoods look great while keeping you warm.

Military Boots

Boots are always in style and this winter military boots are especially popular. The trend comes in many versions. Usually black or tan, they are often embellished with studs and buckles. Military boots look great with skinny jeans and coats. Keep this look feminine by getting a pair with a slight heel.