Tips for killer bangs

Bangs can be a girl's best friend or her worst enemy. They work best on straighter hair, so, if you…
Tips for killer bangs
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Bangs can be a girl’s best friend or her worst enemy. They work best on straighter hair, so, if you have curls you should cut them after a straightening treatment, or be prepared to take the time to straighten them daily. Women of all facial shapes can look great with this hairstyle. Rock some truly killer styles with a few simple steps.

The Cut

Choose your cut based on your facial shape. The ultimate goal is to create the illusion of an oval shape. For a round and heart shaped face, cut a long side swept bang to help take focus away from a broader forehead. Women with square and oval faces look great with v-cut, blunt bangs. Choose a stylist you are comfortable with and bring photos of your favorite stars (with similar facial shapes) to use as examples.

Not sure of the shape of your face? Pull your hair back and evaluate your face in the mirror. The shapes are pretty self explanatory. Square face means you have a wider jaw line, while a round face means your jaw line and forehead are about equally wide. A heart shaped face tends to have a wide forehead and relatively pointy chin. Knowing your face shape will help with many aspects of your style; including hair styles, makeup choices, and even sunglass shapes that will accentuate your beauty.

The Style

With a great cut styling bangs should be pretty simple. Start by pumping up roots with a volumizer after showering. Use the product at the roots of your bangs while wet and blow dry them with a paddle brush. Blow dry to the left and right until completely dry. If you want a little lift use a round brush but do not overdo it to avoid bubbly bangs that should stay in the 1980’s! Be sure to keep frizz at bay with a finishing product such as a smoothing serum.

The Upkeep

Bangs will seem to grow at lightning speed, until you want to grow them out and then it will feel as if they grow at a snail’s pace. For the time being, keeping your style up will require frequent trims. Most people will need to cut their bangs every three weeks. This can be quite tiresome and expensive. Your best bet will be to trim your own bangs in-between salon visits. Trimming your own hair is a cinch as long as you invest in a pair of sharp trimming scissors. Wash your hair and dry the bangs straight while pulling all your other hair out of the way into ponytail. In the mirror simply follow the line of your bangs and trim less about 1/4 an inch. If you are starting with fringe cut bangs you can opt for a razor. Pull bangs taut between your middle and index fingers and razor them right above your finger.