Trench coats to transition between the seasons

It does not matter what season it is, a little rain will always fall. Latina beauties, this is the reason…
Trench coats to transition between the seasons
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It does not matter what season it is, a little rain will always fall. Latina beauties, this is the reason you need at least two trench coats to help you transition between the seasons. The trench is the stylish way to keep your clothing from getting wet, and it also has a seductive quality to it. Unfortunately, a good trench is not always cheap; so it is important to find ones that flatter your figure and will remain on-trend year-after-year.

Trenches for all seasons

For fall, leather is the look. Leather is a timeless skin and is great for colder months. Leather trenches will easily transition you between fall/winter and winter/spring. Wool is a good fabric as well; however, it may be a bit too warm for early spring. Linen and cotton blend trench coats work well for spring through early fall.

Trench coats that flatter you body type

You are halfway there with finding two great seasonal trenches as staples for your wardrobe. The last half is finding a trench that flatters your figure. Let us address the four basic shapes to help you find your perfect trenches:

Inverted Triangle

Look for single breasted styles that have few buttons and no shoulder pads. The trench should also flare out from the waist to balance the lower half and fall no longer than knee-length to highlight your legs.


Double-breasted styles that tie at the waist and cover your hips are ideal. You can work with a slight flare especially for maxi-length coats, so the fabric will gently fall over your curves.


Find one that either flares out at the waist or is loose fitting and ties at the waist so you can create a cinched-in look.


There really isn’t any style of trench that would not look good on you with your Salma Hayek figure. The classic single-breasted trench that ties at the waist looks best on you. Tailored trenches are very flattering for your figure as well.

A few trench coats to consider

The classic single-breasted, long trench coat with belt is typically a fall/winter trend since pants are worn more often during these colder months. The length helps to protect your pants, and the belted styling cinches the waist. The commuter trench is the pinnacle of style that looks great on most figures. It is double-breasted with a belted waist and often comes in neutral colors making it a trench that will last you for years without going out of style. Some styles of trench such as a leather or faux-leather motorcycle trench are trendy, but also have a classic appeal to them. The motorcycle trench has the edginess of a motorcycle jacket with the classic details of a trench, including the belted waist. Regardless of the style of trench you buy, choose neutral colors like black, navy, brown, tan, gray, and white to ensure lasting style.

Trench coats are an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. If you are going to invest the money on two quality ones to transition you between seasons, purchase ones that have a timeless appeal. Stay away from trenches that are too trendy so that you get more bang for your buck. Don’t forget to match your handbag and shoes to give your trench coats the biggest style impact.