Trendy essential accessories for Winter

The cooler months bring the opportunity to show your style with these trendy essential accessories for…

Trendy essential accessories for Winter
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The cooler months bring the opportunity to show your style with these trendy essential accessories for winter. Cozy and comfy does not have to translate into frumpy cold weather wear. Start with an outfit that accentuates your style, and add some cute accessories to stay fashion forward. It is easier and more affordable to add trendy accessories to your wardrobe than to buy new clothes each season. This year you can stay warm while still looking good with some key purchases. No need to splurge on these items! The great thing about trends is they usually change from year to year, so you can focus more on fashion than quality.

Essential Accessories for Winter: Scarves

The fall fashion runway was overtaken by scarves. Hot designers such as Tommy Hilfiger and Chanel transformed simple outfits into high fashion with the perfect scarves. The trick is to get the right type of scarf: no crochet multicolored creations this year! Snoods, simple knits, and basic colored scarves are all the rage this winter. Snoods are continuous wrap fabric that can also be worn as a hood. The simple neutral-colored knit scarves that are popular this year work with any outfit but look especially trendy with bright colored pieces.

Essential Accessories for Winter: Vintage Bags

Lace is in this winter, and the best way to compliment this classic, romantic trend is with a vintage-inspired bag. Boxy briefcase bags in neutral leathers can be seen everywhere. These classic styles are modernized with bold embellishments such as rhinestones and metallic studs.

Essential Accessories for Winter: Gloves

Keeping warm has never looked so good or been so practical! Gloves are a necessity in some parts of the country, and now they’ve become a trendy must-have too. Fleece is out, and knit is in. Colors are encouraged, and so are fun embellishments. Fingerless gloves are becoming popular with the influx of the smart phones and the sudden need for exposed fingers. These gloves will still keep you plenty warm, and you won’t have to pull them off every time you need to send text.

Essential Accessories for Winter: Fake Fur

Fake fur accessories are a fun addition to this years winter trends. This warm and cozy trend can be seen on runways and celebrities. Full fur coats are a thing of the past, but fur trim is hot right now. Scarves, gloves, and even purses get a funky twist with fake fur lining. Keep this trend to a minimum, only choosing one fur accessory to use at a time.